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OCA Diocese of Eastern PA holds annual assembly

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  • Nina_Dimas_42
    http://www.oca.org/News.asp?ID=1120&SID=19 Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania holds annual assembly Article posted: 12/4/2006 9:55 AM Over 60 clergy and lay
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      Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania holds annual assembly

      Article posted: 12/4/2006 9:55 AM

      Over 60 clergy and lay delegates of the Diocese of Eastern
      Pennsylvania gathered for their annual assembly, November 17-18,
      2006, in Bethlehem, PA.
      BETHLEHEM, PA [Diocese of Eastern PA] — The Diocese of Eastern
      Pennsylvania of the Orthodox Church in America held its 43rd annual
      assembly at Saint Nicholas Church here November 17-18, 2006. Over 60
      clergy and lay delegates attended the expanded two-day gathering.

      On Friday evening, November 17, His Grace, Bishop Tikhon of
      Philadelphia and Eastern pennsylvania celebrated Vespers, after
      which the assembly was formally opened. In his opening remarks,
      Bishop Tikhon presented some reflections on unity, the theme of this
      year's assembly. In light of the current crisis in the OCA, he spoke
      of the need to preserve an attitude of sobriety and prayer. He
      encouraged the clergy and faithful to cultivate actively unity on a
      personal level, beginning with true repentance that blames oneself
      rather than others, and on a diocesan level by participating in the
      work that will help the Church to preserve unity, which is a gift of

      After a discussion period, everyone partook of a common meal, during
      which a reading was offered from the Homilies of Saint Gregory
      Palamas, "On Peace with One Another."

      On Saturday, November 18, Bishop Tikhon concelebrated the Divine
      Liturgy with diocesan clergy, after which the assembly sessions
      resumed with the reports of the diocesan Bishop and the chancellor.

      Expanding on his comments from the evening before, Bishop Tikhon
      highlighted the good work that has been done within the diocese over
      the past year, including the establishment of new Orthodox Christian
      Fellowship chapters, successful events sponsored by the Department
      of Christian Education, and the growth of Holy Apostles Mission in
      Mechanicsburg, PA.

      Changes within the diocese were also announced. The Rev. Martin
      Browne was appointed treasurer. The new budget will reflect
      increases for missions, seminarian scholarships, and the Department
      of Christian Education. In addition, the diocesan magazine will be
      published twice, rather than three times, a year.

      The Very Rev. John Kowalczyk, chancellor, further expanded on Bishop
      Tikhon's report by highlighting some of the activities of the
      diocesan hierarch and parishes, including the generous response to
      the appeal for All Saints Church, Olyphant, PA, following a
      devastating fire in the spring of 2006.

      After lunch, the Very Rev. Michael G. Dahulich, dean of Saint
      Tikhon's Seminary, offered a presentation in which he encouraged
      assembly delegates to keep their hearts and minds focused on the
      Lord, the Divine Head of the Church, and on their responsibility to
      continue the work of the diocese by reflecting the Gospel message in
      all they do. He added that the current financial issues should not
      be the focus of our total involvement; citing Saint Paul's analogy,
      that if one part of the body is ill, we should not let the rest of
      the body become paralyzed by the infection. He stressed that while
      treating the illness, we need to resume nourishing the whole Body of
      Christ and move toward healing and spiritual growth.

      During the afternoon sessions, further reports were offered from the
      diocesan deans and department heads and from the Metropolitan
      Council representative, who fielded many open and direct questions
      concerning the progress of the present investigation into the
      financial crisis.

      After elections for Diocesan Council and Metropolitan Council
      representatives, the Assembly concluded with a recommendation from
      the floor that, in the spirit of fair-share giving and in an effort
      to restore our entire Church to solid financial ground, Bishop
      Tikhon call for a special collection requesting all members of the
      diocese to offer voluntarily a contribution which would be forwarded
      to the Central Church Administration and applied directly towards
      the principal of the $1.7 million loan. Bishop Tikhon accepted the
      recommendation and will consider the proper procedure to implement
      this positive effort.
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