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Give a Can; Get a Cookie Food Drive & Fundraiser

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    Give a Can; Get a Cookie Food Drive & Fundraiser PHARR: St. George’s Orthodox Church, located at 704 W. Sam Houston in Pharr, will be hosting its
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2006
      Give a Can; Get a Cookie Food Drive & Fundraiser
      PHARR: St. George’s Orthodox Church, located at 704 W. Sam Houston in
      Pharr, will be hosting its Annual Open House and International Bake Fest on
      Saturday, December 9th from 9:30 AM until 4:00 PM. For the past three years, the
      Bake Fest also included a “Give a Can; Get a Cookie” Food Drive and
      Fundraiser for St. George’s Food Pantry, sponsored by the church.
      “Over these past few months, each time we open, more families come to us
      needing food,” said Father Antonio Perdomo, Pastor of St. George’s. “The last
      few times, we’ve given out food boxes to well over 100 families, and had to
      turn others away.”
      Open twice a month on Wednesdays, St. George’s Food Pantry has grown from
      only a few participants when it opened the summer of 2004, to over 480
      individuals served in October of 2006.
      “When we host our Annual International Bake Sale and Open House,” said
      Elizabeth Perdomo, Father Antonio’s wife, “we try to reach out to the community
      and ask others to help us help our neighbors, as well as assisting the Parish.
      It is unbelievable how many families come to us in real need.”
      “Those who come to the International Bake Fest can help us help families in
      need by bringing canned foods and non-perishable food items, like an “
      Admission” to the event,” added Analucia Perdomo, student at UTPA in Edinburg. “In
      return for sharing canned goods for the Food Pantry, we’ll share a sample of
      our home-baked goodies. The Bake Fest is a lot of fun!”
      In addition to the “Give a Can; Get a Cookie” food drive, St. George’s Food
      Pantry needs volunteers to help pick up food orders from the Food Bank of
      the Rio Grande Valley, and helpers to sort and distribute boxes of food to
      program recipients.
      “Just a few months ago, it was enough for me to take my pick-up truck to the
      Food Bank and pick up our orders,” continued Fr. Perdomo, “Now, it takes
      three, sometimes four vehicles to load it all up and get it back to the Church.”

      St. George’s Food Pantry is also in need of one-time and regular monthly
      financial support. “To continue feeding more families each month, we need help
      from local businesses, individuals and families” said Mrs. Perdomo. “Whether
      a one-time donation or a modest regular monthly contribution of $10, $20 or
      $25, every penny is well spent and is greatly appreciated.”
      The International Bake Fest also includes the sale of International Foods
      and Baked Goods, such as Gyros and Baklava, International Arts, Crafts,
      Handcrafted Soap and Gift Items, as well as music, dancing, educational booths and
      Church Tours. “There’s plenty for everyone to do,” continued Analucia
      Perdomo, “Most people don’t realize how much International diversity we have here
      in the Valley or within the Orthodox Christian Church.”
      For more information about how you can help out, contact Fr. Antonio Perdomo
      at 956-781-6114 or by email at _padreantoniop@..._
      (mailto:padreantoniop@...) . St. George’s Food Pantry and other Parish outreach ministries can
      be found on the web at: _www.stgeorgepantry.org_
      (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/) .

      St. George's Orthodox Church
      Rio Grande Valley of Tropical South Texas
      _www.stgeorgepantry.org_ (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/)

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