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Orthodox-Catholic Consultation Issues Statement

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  • Rev Fr John Brian
    For Immediate Release November 1, 2006 CONTACT: Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos Tel: (212) 570-3593 ORTHODOX-CATHOLIC CONSULTATION ISSUES STATEMENT WITH PRAYER
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      For Immediate Release
      November 1, 2006

      CONTACT: Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos
      Tel: (212) 570-3593


      New York, NY -The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation,
      meeting at Saint Paul's College in Washington, DC, from October 26 to 28,
      2006, has issued a statement on the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to
      the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Turkey. After reviewing briefly the history
      of previous meetings between Popes and Ecumenical Patriarchs, the statement
      concludes with a prayer "that the meeting of the Pope and Ecumenical
      Patriarch will contribute to the unity of the churches and to the
      reconciliation of all peoples."

      In the statement, the members of the Consultation also expressed their
      concern about the restrictions that the Turkish government has placed on the
      Ecumenical Patriarchate's ministry. These restrictions include limitations
      on the election of the Ecumenical Patriarch, the non-recognition of the
      Patriarchate's international role, the closing of the Theological School on
      the island of Halki in 1971, and the confiscation of churches and other
      property. The Consultation concludes that "the visit of Pope Benedict XVI
      to the Ecumenical Patriarchate in late November will highlight once again
      the crucial role played by the Ecumenical Patriarchate for many centuries
      not only among the Orthodox Churches but also in the broader Christian
      world." The full text of the Statement is below.

      At this 71st meeting of the Consultation, the members continued their
      in-depth study of primacies and conciliarity in the Catholic and Orthodox
      churches. Professor John Barnet of St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological
      Seminary presented a paper, "The Role of Peter in the New Testament."
      Professor Brian Daley, SJ, of Notre Dame University, offered a study of the
      34th Apostolic Canon, an ancient source often cited as offering insights on
      this question. Addressing contemporary issues, Rev. Chorbishop John D.
      Faris of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, delivered his study, "A
      Synergy of the One and the Many: Governance in the Eastern Catholic
      Patriarchal Churches." Rev. Dr. Theodore Pulcini of Dickinson College gave
      a paper entitled "'Done Properly and in Order' (I Cor. 14:40): An
      Examination of Orthodox Ecclesiology Through Its Application in Four
      Contemporary Situations.'

      On the evening of Thursday October 26, the members discussed recent events
      in the lives of their churches, including the Ninth Plenary Session of the
      International Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue in Belgrade, the June 2006 meeting
      of the Joint Committee of Orthodox and Catholic Bishops, the election of a
      new Archbishop of Cyprus, the visit of Cardinal Kasper to Duquesne
      University in Pittsburgh, relations between the two Romanian Orthodox
      jurisdictions in North America, relations between the Moscow Patriarchate
      and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, the 2006 Clergy-Laity
      Congress of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, and the meeting of the Orthodox
      bishops of the USA in Chicago in October. The Consultation also devoted one
      session to a discussion of reactions to the lecture given by Pope Benedict
      XVI in Regensburg, Germany, on September 12, entitled "Faith, Reason and the
      University: Memories and Reflections."

      The North American dialogue welcomed a new Catholic member, Rev. Paul
      McPartlan, the Carl J. Peter Professor of Systematic Theology and Ecumenism
      at the Catholic University of America in Washington. Fr. McPartlan is also
      a member of the international Catholic-Orthodox dialogue, and informed the
      Consultation about its most recent meeting, which took place in Belgrade,
      Serbia, in September 2006. The participants also congratulated Fr Thomas
      FitzGerald for his appointment as Dean of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School
      of Theology.

      During the Washington meeting the Consultation members joined the Paulist
      priests, students and novices residing at St. Paul's College for meals and
      worship. Archbishop Pilarczyk presided at Mass on Friday morning, with
      Consultation members participating to the extent allowed by their respective
      church disciplines.

      The 72nd meeting of the Consultation has been scheduled to take place from
      June 4 to 6, 2007, at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in
      Crestwood, New York.

      The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation is co-chaired
      by Metropolitan Maximos of Pittsburgh and Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk of
      Cincinnati. The other Orthodox members of the Consultation include Father
      Thomas FitzGerald (Secretary), Father Nicholas Apostola, Prof. Susan
      Ashbrook Harvey, Father James Dutko, Prof. Paul Meyendorff, Father Alexander
      Golitzin, Dr. Robert Haddad, Father Paul Schnierla, Father Robert
      Stephanopoulos, Dr. John Barnet, Rev Dr Theodore Pulcini, and Bishop
      Dimitrios of Xanthos, General Secretary of SCOBA (staff). The additional
      Catholic members are Father Brian Daley, SJ (Secretary), Prof. Thomas Bird,
      Father Peter Galadza, Rev. Chorbishop John D. Faris, Father John Galvin,
      Father Sidney Griffith, ST, Father Joseph Komonchak, Father Paul McPartlan,
      Father David Petras, Sr Susan K. Wood, SCL, Dr. Vito Nicastro, and Father
      Ronald Roberson, CSP (staff).

      The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation is sponsored
      jointly by the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the
      Americas (SCOBA), the Bishops' Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious
      Affairs of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and the
      Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Since its establishment in 1965,
      the Consultation has issued 22 agreed statements on various topics. All
      these texts are now available on the website of the USCCB at
      http://www.usccb.org/seia/officialdialogues.shtml and on the SCOBA website
      at <http://www.scoba.us/resources/index.asp>

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