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MECC Commemorates International Day of Peace

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  • Rev Fr John Brian
    MECC Commemorates the International Day of Prayer for Peace After a month of hostilities and war on Lebanon and on the occasion of the International Day of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2006
      MECC Commemorates the International Day of Prayer for Peace After a month of
      hostilities and war on Lebanon and on the occasion of the International Day
      of Prayer for Peace, Father Gaby Hachem, director of the MECC Unit on Faith
      and Unity, called on all believers of all religions in Lebanon, inviting
      them to reflect and pray for peace in this beloved country, in the Middle
      East region and worldwide. In his Call, Father Gaby insisted on the link
      between justice and peace and on the importance of commitment to religious,
      political, social and familial peace. Only a change in mentality and
      behavior, a real conversion or ³metanoia², can build a durable and much
      needed peace. Thus, ³each one of us can respond to God¹s call and
      collaborate in synergy with God, for the establishment of peace in the

      Two events held on September 21, 2006, were organized jointly by the MECC
      General Secretariat, Unit on Faith and Unity and the Communication
      Department, to commemorate the Day. The theme was inspired from Psalms 85,
      highlighting the ineluctable link between justice and durable peace.

      Round table on Justice and Peace
      In the morning, a roundtable on the theme ³Justice and Peace² brought 4
      speakers to address the topic after the opening words offered by the MECC
      General Secretary. ³Let this day be a message from Lebanon² said Mr. Saleh,
      ³and an intifada for resurrection after the Israeli war on Lebanon. Let this
      day be a screaming call for justice in the Occupied Palestine, for an end of
      the blood shed in beloved Iraq, and an affirmation of the reality and model
      of coexistence offered by the country of the cedars, Lebanon². (See Photo
      Box on MECC website at: www.mec-churches.org <http://www.mec-churches.org/>)

      Fr. Yussuf Mouannes, chairperson of the MECC Communication Committee,
      moderated the roundtable. Speakers included Archbishops Georges Khodr
      (Orthodox Church) and Boulos Mattar (Maronite Church), Shiite Mufti of Tyre,
      Ali al Amine, and Dr. Radwane Saied, eminent Sunni personality and

      Ecumenical Prayer
      In the evening, an ecumenical prayer was organized at the Greek Catholic
      Archbishopric of Beirut, where close to 150 persons from all denominations
      gathered to pray together. The homely pronounced by Mgr. Selim Ghazal
      emphasized the importance and requirements of dialogue between religions and
      cultures, in the Middle Eastern context in general, and the Lebanese context
      in particular.

      Posters, cards and the Call of the MECC prepared for the occasion, were
      widely distributed and disseminated and the two events, covered by all the

      (See Photo Box on MECC website at: www.mec-churches.org
      <http://www.mec-churches.org/> )

      Middle East Council of Churches
      Office of International Ecumenical Relations P.O. Box 5376, Beirut, Lebanon

      Guirgis Ibrahim Saleh, General Secretary mecc@... or

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