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College Student Sunday September 17, 2006

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  • Rev Fr John Brian
    College Student Sunday September 17, 2006 You therefore beloved, beware lest you be carried away with error…But
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      College Student Sunday
      September 17, 2006

      You therefore beloved, beware lest you be carried away with error…But grow
      in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (II Peter

      The Hierarchs of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in
      the Americas

      To all the Clergy and the Laity of the Holy Orthodox Churches in the

      Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      As Hierarchs of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops
      (“SCOBA”) in the Americas, we greet you with the love of Christ, on this
      first Sunday after the Feast of the Exaltation of His most precious Cross.
      Each year, we designate this day as College Student Sunday, a day when we
      ask all of you, our beloved faithful, to keep our young college students in
      your minds, thoughts, and prayers as they grow in the knowledge of Christ
      and learn to walk in His love.

      For many students, the college years are perhaps the most formative ones in
      life. The task of learning how to balance study and recreation, the prospect
      of encountering challenging ideas in the classroom, the idea of living in
      close quarters with a roommate who might offer an entirely foreign worldview
      or perspective on life, and the first encounter with total and complete
      freedom outside the family environment can be altogether exciting
      experiences for the college student. However, they can also be quite
      confusing and disorienting.

      It is the common experience of many young college students that within a
      matter of months upon entering college, and indeed throughout the college
      experience, the college student is challenged by central questions of
      identity: “Who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life? Who do I
      consider my close friends in this newfound environment?” are among the
      myriad of such questions. Inevitably, the question of identity as it
      pertains to the question of God also arises, a question that, once in the
      calm and comfort of home had been long taken for granted, suddenly arises
      with a sharp pang as if from nowhere: “What exactly is my religious

      This question is a burning question that begs for an answer, and this is
      precisely why the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) was instituted, to
      provide Orthodox Christian students in college with a community to support
      them as they seek the answers to the questions that they face. Today, the
      OCF has over 200 chapters on college and university campuses throughout
      North America. For six years now, OCF has been formally reestablished as the
      official campus ministry of SCOBA, and its evolution is noteworthy. What
      once began as a grassroots movement among Orthodox Christian college
      students now receives our full and committed support. Its impact on our
      Orthodox students’ lives is significant.

      On many college and university campuses, Orthodox students have their meals
      together, socialize together, and on some campuses have even established
      formal housing arrangements with their college’s housing departments. Though
      many students are able to attend a weekly Vespers service through the
      visitations of a nearby priest who has placed college outreach as a vital
      part of his active ministry, it is not uncommon for Orthodox Christian
      college students and their friends to travel to nearby Orthodox Churches for
      Sunday Divine Liturgy, Vespers, and the full cycle of Lenten services. These
      students, who away from their homes are seeking answers to burning questions
      of faith, bring a renewed vitality and a passion for the Gospel which can
      very often serve to energize the entire parish. They sing in the choir,
      chant the Epistle, serve in the Altar, teach in Church School programs, and
      host coffee hours. Their impact is noticeable, and their role in building up
      the Orthodox Church is vital.

      In affirming our support as hierarchs to our OCF program, we kindly ask our
      clergy to take a collection from every parish to support this important
      national ministry, which aids students in their search for religious meaning
      and fellowship. Equally important, we ask that our clergy afford college
      students in their parishes with the opportunity to speak to parish members
      about their experiences with OCF during their college years, and to be
      mindful of the many college and university campuses that still do not have
      OCF chapters. Our national OCF office in Boston, Massachusetts, is fully
      staffed with professionals who are ready to assist students and area clergy
      who would like to begin the process of starting a chapter.

      With warm thanks for your support of this ministry, we extend our heartfelt
      prayer to our college students that they may experience their college years
      as St. Peter describes in his epistle, as years to grow in the grace and
      knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      With paternal blessings and love in Christ,

      †Archbishop DEMETRIOS, Chairman
      †Metropolitan HERMAN

      Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
      Orthodox Church in America

      †Metropolitan PHILIP, Vice Chairman
      †Archbishop NICOLAE

      Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese
      Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in

      of North America
      America and Canada

      †Metropolitan CHRISTOPHER, Secretary
      †Metropolitan JOSEPH

      Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA and Canada
      Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church

      †Metropolitan NICHOLAS of Amissos, Treasurer
      †Metropolitan CONSTANTINE

      Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese in the USA
      Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

      †Bishop ILIA of Philomelion

      Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America

      College Student Sunday Packet

      Every Orthodox Parish in North America should receive their College Student
      Sunday packet in the mail a week or two before September 17th. If you need
      one, please download from http://www.ocf.net/css

      I am a student... What can I or my OCF do?

      * Please make sure your parish's clergy are aware of College Student
      Sunday and encourage them to support the day.
      * Get involved in the College Student Sunday (It's your day!). Make
      yourself visible at church, ask the clergy if you could talk to the parish
      about your own OCF experience or use some of the information provided above.
      Encourage your entire OCF to show up and be available after Divine Liturgy.
      It is a great chance for your OCF to find support. So many people are
      willing to help!
      * If you don't have an OCF, College Student Sunday could be a
      launching pad to start one <http://www.ocf.net/startup.asp> , find students,
      talk to your parish and your off!


      Phone: 800-919-1623
      Fax: 617-850-1464
      Email: info@...
      Web: www.ocf.net <http://www.ocf.net/>
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