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OCF Growth Surges:First Full-time Executive Director in 30 years and Charlotte Area Chaplain Hired

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  • Rev Fr John Brian
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2006 Orthodox Christian Fellowship P.O. Box 300249 Boston, MA 02130 1-800-919-1623 www.ocf.net OCF
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      August 21, 2006
      Orthodox Christian Fellowship
      P.O. Box 300249
      Boston, MA 02130
      <http://www.ocf.net/> www.ocf.net

      OCF Growth Surges:First Full-time Executive Director in 30 years and
      Charlotte Area Chaplain Hired

      Boston, MA - Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) continues its fantastic
      growth as a vital ministry of the Orthodox Church with its recent full time
      hiring of Rev. Fr. Kevin Scherer as the Executive Director of OCF and Mr.
      John Stonestreet as full-time OCF Chaplain in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fr.
      Scherer will be the first full-time Executive Director since the initial
      establishment of Orthodox campus ministry over 30 years ago. The OCF Team of
      four full-time staff are dedicated to the mission given to OCF from the
      hierarchs to become the Church on the college campus- ensuring each student
      has the opportunity to stay connected to the church.

      OCF is a recent recipient of an Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment
      Fund grant. OCF is honored to partner with Leadership 100 to serve Orthodoxy
      by providing a transition for our young adults from college and
      reintegrating them into our parishes. The grant enabled OCF to establish an
      Executive Director position to lead the OCF ministry.

      "There is nothing more critical to the future of our Orthodox faith in
      America than to minister to our youth, especially as they are intellectually
      and spiritually challenged and their values tested during their college
      years," said George D. Behrakis, Chairman of Leadership 100. "Leadership 100
      is proud to support such a needed and significant outreach program as the
      Orthodox Christian Fellowship."

      As well as maintaining the Boston office, Fr. Scherer will organize national
      and local events, solicit grants and acquire funding, facilitate
      communication between the National OCF Office, local chapters, and all OCF
      chaplains. Additionally, Fr. Scherer will further develop and execute the
      OCF's vision and mission with its Board of Directors.

      Fr. Scherer comes to the OCF after having spent the previous four years at
      St John's Antiochian Orthodox Church in Orinda, California. A 1990 graduate
      from San Diego (CA.) Christian College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts
      degree in Theology, Fr Scherer went on to receive a Master of Divinity
      degree from Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, in 2002. Fr.
      Kevin and his wife, Robin, are the parents of three children: Hannah, 10;
      Julia, 6; and Clare, 4.

      During his pastorate at St John's, Fr. Scherer established a national teen
      program, Orthodox Youth Outreach. The purpose of the program is to encourage
      youth to live out their faith through Christian service to others. Fr Kevin
      hopes to bring some of the same ideas that are successful with Orthodox
      Youth Outreach to his new position with the OCF.

      The Chairman of the Board of Directors of OCF, the Rev. Mark Leondis, spoke
      of his excitement with these milestone achievements: "With Fr. Kevin now at
      the helm of OCF, I am more hopeful than ever before about our ministry and
      our ability to attain our goal of having the Orthodox Church present in the
      faith-challenging environment of the college campus. Additionally, having
      John present full-time on the campuses in the Charlotte area is another
      watershed event as we begin to realistically put our resources where they
      are needed to have the proper impact to stem the exodus of our young people
      from the Church."

      Mr. Stonestreet comes to the OCF as a result of a request made by the
      Charlotte Orthodox community. The locally funded North Carolina OCF Chaplain
      program serves as the model for other communities throughout North America.
      A 2006 graduate from St Vladimir's Seminary, Mr. Stonestreet will minister
      to students, concentrating mainly on three campuses: Duke University, North
      Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina in Chapel
      Hill. Although his immediate focus will be on these three campuses, Mr.
      Stonestreet will coordinate regional events and visit surrounding schools as
      his schedule permits. His presence should serve to significantly change the
      Orthodox campus ministry environment in North Carolina.

      Together, Fr Scherer and Mr. Stonestreet will join the current National OCF
      team of Mr. Joseph J. Samra III, the Program Director; and the Program
      Coordinator, Ms. Veronica Stavila. Mr. Samra's work will expand to include
      development, while continuing to oversee all national programs. Ms. Stavila
      will work with Mr. Samra to expand the national programs and will continue
      to be the primary contact point between the national office and the local

      "I am extremely excited to be a part of the OCF team," Fr. Scherer said. "To
      help nurture and shape the future of the Orthodox Church on the North
      American continent is unbelievably exciting. The OCF will continue to assist
      in shaping future generations of Orthodox workers in Christ's vineyard."

      OCF humbly asks each Orthodox Christian to continue to offer prayers and
      support for this crucial and growing college ministry.

      Orthodox Christian Fellowship is the official campus ministry program of the
      Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA).
      It is a Pan-Orthodox effort which is overseen by an Executive Committee and
      assisted by a Student Advisory Board. Additional information on the all OCF
      programs can be found on the OCF website at <http://www.ocf.net/>
      www.ocf.net , or by calling toll-free at 800-919-1623.

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