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Government has not kept its promise: Baselios Thomas I

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  • Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock
    KERALA Jan 14, 2006 Government has not kept its promise: Baselios Thomas I Friday January 13 2006 08:27 IST PARAVOOR: The State Government, which has not yet
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      KERALA Jan 14, 2006

      Government has not kept its promise: Baselios Thomas I
      Friday January 13 2006 08:27 IST

      PARAVOOR: The State Government, which has not yet kept its promise
      regarding the reopening of the churches, has to change its partisan
      attitude of protecting the Orthodox faction illegally, said
      Catholicos Baselios Mar Thomas I here on Thursday.

      He was briefing reporters on the decisions of the Episcopal Synod of
      Jacobite Church held at St Thomas Jacobite Syrian Church here. The
      Jacobite Church will launch a `prayer yajnam' at Aluva on January 22
      urging the government to open the churches including Aluva
      Thrikkunnath Seminary Church for worship.

      The faithful of both factions in several churches have decided to
      open the churches for worship. The courts have also directed the
      government to take immediate steps to settle the issues amicably and
      reopen the churches. But the Episcopa of the Orthodox Church was
      against any settlement and ignored the proposal of their laity, the
      Synod alleged.

      The faithful of Kolenchery church cutting across factions have
      managed to open the church for both the factions for worship. But the
      Orthodox episcopy is trying to sabotage the move. "The parishioners
      of Kadamattom church too wanted to open their church. The disputes in
      several churches under the Malabar Diocese was settled among the
      laity," it said.

      The Synod urged that the Thrikkunnath Seminary Church should be
      opened before the `Ormathirunnal' on January 25. The Orthodox faction
      who occupied the Seminary illegally, should be evicted. The Jacobite
      Church does not want the help of any police personnel to worship in
      their churches, the Synod said.

      The police are protecting the `intruders'. But Chief Minister Oommen
      Chandy should remember that the faithful who suffered badly in the
      police attack at Aluva in July, 2005, will attend the prayer yajnam
      from January 22, they said.

      The consequences will be serious, if the government fails to open
      Thrikkunnath Seminary Church to conduct the Ormathirunnal. Jacobite
      church never enter any church unauthorisedly. The Jacobite church
      always stood for conciliation and compromise, it said.

      The government should make arrangements for the priests and
      Metropolitans who were approved by the majority Parishioners to
      officiate ceremonies and worship in the churches.

      But the Orthodox church was deliberately making disputes in churches
      and the police are supporting the baseless arguments of Orthodox
      Church leaders, the Synod alleged.

      The Synod has also announced its decision to postpone the
      consecration of new Metropolitans in Jacobite church.

      Metropolitans Joseph Mar Gregorios, Thomas Mar Themothios,
      Gheevarghese Mar Polycarpose, Kuriakose Mar Dyascoros, Kuriakose Mar
      Theophilose, Gheevarghese Mar Athanasius and Mathews Mar Ivanios
      attended the Episcopal Synod which was presided over by Catholicos
      Mar Thomas I.

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