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Ethiopian Orthodox services on Sunday part of 'Africa Unite' for Ghana

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  • Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock
    Africa Unite for Ghana published: Wednesday | January 11, 2006 Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20060111/ent/ent1.html
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2006
      'Africa Unite' for Ghana
      published: Wednesday | January 11, 2006

      Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer


      ALTHOUGH THE second annual 'Africa Unite' two-concert series is
      slated for Ghana, Africa, in early February, Rita Marley made it
      clear on Tuesday evening that the celebrations of Bob Marley's 61st
      birthday are not restricted to one continent. Or, in fact, one race.

      "When we say 'Africa Unite' we mean black people anywhere you are. It
      is not really black by skin, but black by heart," she told those
      gathered in the rear courtyard at 56 Hope Road, St. Andrew, on
      Thursday evening.

      The concerts are part of a slate of celebrations of Marley's life,
      from Thursday, January 26, with the 'Bongo Love Live' event in
      Colorado, USA, to Sunday, April 16, the second day of the Austin
      Marley Festival in Austin, Texas.

      However, especially coming after last year's massive audience,
      estimated at over 300,000 people, at the first 'Africa Unite' concert
      in Meskel Square, the Ghana concerts are the focal point.


      Culture, five Marley brothers, Ziggy, Kimani, Damian, Julian and
      Steve, Chakademus and Pliers, The I-Threes, Steel Pulse, The Tamlins,
      Dean Frazer and Bongo Herman, along with the C Sharp backing band,
      are the Jamaicans who will perform in Ghana. Among the Ghanaians who
      will perform are Mz. Bell, Batman VIP and the Megastar Band.

      Dennis Wright explained that there will be a dinner at La Palma in
      Accra on February 2, with the first concert four and a half hours
      away from the capital. The second concert takes place at the
      International Trade Fair in Accra on February 5, leading into Mar-
      ley's actual birthday, February 6.

      It is music with a mission, though, as Wright said "The initiative
      of 'Africa Unite' is to help with the Marley Health Centre.
      Contributions made during this initiative will go towards building
      the Marley Health Centre and putting in medicine and equipment, which
      is so vital."

      The health centre will be in Konkonuru, which has appointed Rita
      Marley 'Nana'. "It is a small village with many people," Wright
      said. "When I saw the work she was doing, I wanted to get involved.
      With her effort and her help I have seen schools that were not there,
      light, toilets," he said.

      The concert is being sponsored by the Rita Marley and Bob Marley
      foundations, 'and a few local and international sponsors'.

      Unlike last year when the massive concert was free, "this year we
      have decided to have a low cover charge to come in. It is expensive
      to put on," Rita explained.

      'Africa Unite 2007' will be held in South Africa.


      Jacqueline Lynch-Stewart, manager of the Bob Marley Museum, outlined
      a week of activities for Marley's 61st birthday celebrations, mostly
      around the 56 Hope Road complex.

      Sunday, February 5 - Church service at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

      Monday, February 6 (Bob Marley's birthday) - A ceremony to lay a
      plaque on the compound of the Bob Marley Museum which has been
      declared a heritage site by the National Heritage Trust, with a
      cultural show in the evening.

      Tuesday, February 7 - Footage from the 'One Love Peace Concert' will
      be shown at the cinema inside the museum.

      Wednesday, February 8 ­ Saturday February 11 - Art and craft vendors
      display their wares on the compound.

      Friday, February 10 - Children's Day. Students from various schools
      will put forward their cultural expressions for prizes

      Saturday, February 11 - Ital Food Festival.

      The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and the Jamaica Tourist
      Board normally have their Marley activities as well.

      "Jamaica is still my home, but Africa is my heritage. When I am in
      Ghana they see me as a Jamaican," Rita said.
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