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Orthodox conference - women and men in the church

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  • Fr John Brian
    From: JHForest@cs.com Subj: Fwd: Orthodox conference - women and men in the church Date: 1/7/2006 9:33:15 PM Romance Standard Time From: WOMENUSA@aol.com
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      From: JHForest@...
      Subj: Fwd: Orthodox conference - women and men in the church
      Date: 1/7/2006 9:33:15 PM Romance Standard Time
      From: WOMENUSA@...

      Conference of the Orthodox Fellowship St John the Baptist

      supported by

      Women's Orthodox Ministries and Education Network (WOMEN)



      28-30 July 2006
      The Friars, Aylesford, Kent,

      Please register now for the upcoming conference and feel free to forward this information among those who might be interested in it.

      WOMEN (Women's Orthodox Ministries and Education Network)




      contact person WOMEN_EUROPE:

      Antonia Michaela Himmel-Agisburg


      * * *

      The Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist
      Registered Charity No. 1063713

      Women and Men in the Church

      What is our vocation and ministry within the Church, whether we are
      clergy or lay people,
      whether we are monastics, married or single?

      28-30 July 2006
      Friday 4.00 pm to Sunday teatime
      The Friars, Aylesford, Kent,

      For Information Go To
      USA: womenusa@... EUROPE: antonia.himmel-agisburg@...

      FRIDAY 28 July
      4.00 p.m. Registration and tea (Conference building)
      6.00 p.m. Vespers CHAPEL
      7.00 p.m. Evening meal
      8.15 p.m. First Talk (Bishop Kallistos) MAIN HALL
      The Priesthood of the Baptised - followed by evening prayers
      9.30 p.m. Bar
      SATURDAY 29 July
      7.30 a.m. Morning Prayers with Daily Readings and
      Memorial Service for the Departed CHAPEL
      8.15 a.m. Breakfast
      9.30 a.m. Second Talk (Teva Regule / Eleni Kasselouri-Hatzivassiliadi) MAIN HALL
      The Diaconal Vocation of Men and Women
      11.00 a.m. Morning coffee
      11.30 a.m. Third Talk (Bede Gerrard and Katerina Karkala-Zorba)
      Lay Persons as Teachers of the Faith
      1.00 p.m. Lunch
      3.45 p.m. Tea
      4.00 p.m. Workshops / Study Groups MAIN HALL
      5.30 p.m. Vespers and Artoklasia, followed by short Homily
      7.00 p.m. Evening meal
      8.15 p.m. Fourth Talk (Demetra Jaquet / Antonia M. Himmel-Agisburg) MAIN HALL The work of WOMEN (Women's
      Orthodox Ministries and Education Network)
      followed by evening prayers CHAPEL
      9.30 p.m. Bar
      SUNDAY 30 July
      7.15 a.m. Divine Liturgy CHAPEL
      9.00 a.m. Breakfast
      10.00 a.m. Final Talk (Mangala Frost) MAIN HALL
      Women Saints, Yesterday and Today: What can we learn from them?
      11.15 a.m. Coffee
      11.30 a.m. AGM of OFSJB (all welcome but only members may vote)
      1.00 p.m. Lunch
      2.00 p.m. Concluding Plenary Session MAIN HALL
      3.30 p.m. Afternoon tea and depart

      About the conference

      The programme looks at Orthodox Christianity in Britain and the ways for
      Christian witness to be expressed by all members of the Church.
      Presentations of the Orthodox Christian vision based on the practical
      experience of the speakers:
      An introduction to the work and witness of W.O.M.E.N. (Women's
      Orthodox Ministries and Education Network)
      Workgroups on a variety of topics
      An opportunity to meet with others and exchange ideas
      Open to Christians of all traditions
      All set within a framework of Orthodox Worship.

      For further information please contact:

      WOMEN USA: Demetra Jaquet

      WOMEN Europe: Antonia M. Himmel-Agisburg

      Bede Gerrard, 26 Denton Close, Oxford OX2 9BW
      Fellowship Saint John the Baptist phone: +44 1865 864805

      Booking and cost

      The pricing structure is designed so that those in employment assist with
      the costs for those who are unwaged. The cost will cover all meals and
      conference materials.
      (All prices include a £40.00 non-returnable deposit.) £
      The core adult cost is 130.00
      The following reduced costs are available:
      Unwaged (UW) 95.00
      Young people in full-time education (ST) 80.00

      If, up to two weeks before the conference you need to cancel your
      booking, we will refund your fee less the deposit.

      In addition, for those experiencing hardship, there will at the discretion of
      the Fellowship Committee be bursaries available to cover up to 75% of the

      More details

      The conference will take place at The Friars, Aylesford, Kent. The centre
      is very close to the M2 and M25 motorways. Bedrooms at The Friars have
      washbasins, and it is mostly accessible to wheelchair users. The Centre
      has a bar, and pleasant grounds. Most of the rooms are twin bedded, but
      no single supplement will be charged for single occupancy. If you are
      willing to share then more people will be able to attend the conference.
      (Space is limited to 55 participants.)

      Preparatory material, travel directions and a list of participants' names and
      addresses to facilitate car sharing will be sent shortly before the

      Booking form (please complete both sides of this form)

      NB Please fill in an application form for each separate address.

      Include the ages of those requiring age reductions or indicate whether a
      Student (ST) or Unwaged (UW) for other concessions.

      Name :
      Revd / Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms /
      Please circle as appropriate



      Age (or concession)

      Emergency contact. Telephone


      Dietary needs

      Your home church

      Do you sing?

      Please specify

      Do you have other special needs? Please specify

      Are you willing to share a twin-bedded room? YES / NO
      (Please delete as appropriate.)

      Name of person you are willing to share with:
      (Please ensure that they too are willing to share accommodation.)

      please complete both sides of this form

      Other people at the same address (include yourself as the first name)

      Your name







      Please indicate one of the following:

      I enclose a deposit of £40.00 per person

      I enclose the full fee(s) of

      This includes a non-returnable deposit of £40.00 per person

      People coming from non sterling countries will be able to pay in full on

      I expect to travel by car YES / NO

      This is to facilitate car-sharing

      ** I agree to my contact details being circulated to other participants.
      YES / NO

      Please delete as appropriate

      ** Signed

      I enclose an additional donation of £...……....... for the Bursary Fund

      Please send this form, with your cheque payable to

      The Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist,
      Bede Gerrard, 26 Denton Close,
      Oxford OX2 9BW

      If you are from Europe or USA
      E-mail this form to

      ** Data Protection Act. Your personal details will be kept on
      computer for the purpose of administering this conference.

      ** Please indicate as necessary whether you agree to your contact
      details being disclosed to others attending the Conference.

      * * *

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