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OCANews.org website launched

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2006
      >For years serious allegations of financial misconduct at the highest
      >levels of the central church administration have been made against the
      >OCA. The time has come for these allegations to be discussed in a
      >full, open and honest manner as befits the Church of God.
      >Therefore, I invite all members of the OCA to visit a new website
      >located at http://www.OCANews.org so that every member of the OCA -
      >hierarchs, priests and laity - can learn about the allegations, read
      >the accompanying documentation for themselves, make up their own
      >minds, and, should they so desire, offer their own judgement as to a way
      >OCANews.org is in no way affiliated with the Orthodox Church in
      >America. It is operated by Orthodox Christians for Accountability Inc.,
      >an Ohio not-for profit corporation, formed for the purpose of
      >maintaining this website, and thereby encouraging dialogue within the
      >OCA about this issue and how it may best be resolved. This website
      >is solely intended as a service to the OCA, since there are no other
      >venues for a full and open discussion of these allegations on a
      >church-wide level. All opinions expressed in articles and postings
      >on the website or blog are those of their respective authors. (As with
      >all serious matters, disagreements are anticipated and differing views
      >will be respected.)
      >To the many OCA clergy and laity, from every diocese, who have
      >helped in creating the site and supplied archival documents covering almost
      >nine years, my sincere thanks.
      >Mark Stokoe
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