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Icons for Blind Children

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://www.pravoslavie.ru/news/051202100446 A Russian-language article on the Sretensky monastery website (above) mentioned the return to Russia of a carved
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2005

      A Russian-language article on the Sretensky monastery website (above) mentioned the return to Russia of a "carved" icon of St. Panteleimon which had been taken to Mt. Athos to be blessed. Click above to see a large photo of the icon of St. Panteleimon.

      The link below has a smaller photo of an icon of St. Vladimir.


      HERITAGE studio is a collective of adherents, successful creative commonwealth of scientists, engineers and artists, each of which is the professional in the area. Due to the mutual understanding, we more than once solved various tasks, which are considered not soluble before . And 15 years ago, with the God's help, we were able to re-open a secret of the Babylon groove, which engineering was known five thousand years ago. Then, as many other ancient knowledge, this experience was lost … The Babylon carving allows to replicate the relief image, created by the artist, doing a work of art more accessible for people, as sighted, and blind. And, as it was said, we have opened this secret with the God's help, we have decided to use our knowledge for revival of ancient tradition of relief icons. For the same reason the program "Icons for blind children" occupies an essential place in our activity. The program, according to Vladimir, the Metropolitan of St.-Petersburg and
      Ladoga, is directed for the boon of spiritual sight development of blind children. For Russia, from times of its Christening, carved icons were not less traditional, than painted. The famous Russian Saint Sergij Radonezhsky was the skilful carver and has based a school of icon carvers in the town Sergiev Posad. There is a sentimental story, how St. Sergij cut out wooden toys and presented them to children, coming to him. From that time carved pilgrim icons of the small size (height about 11 sm.) had received a large distribution. Such icons became especially popular among pilgrims in 19 century. Then Russian carved icon had received wide popularity in France, Germany and other countries of Western Europe. For different reasons to the middle of 20 century the tradition of carved icons in Russia was almost completely lost. In the beginning of 21 century the Orthodox church has addressed to a problem of spiritual life of blind and visually impaired people. In this connection
      a necessity in relief icons, qualitative (carefully produced) and thus inexpensive has appeared again. Now we can approve, that our studio has an opportunity to produce relief wooden icons and other relief miniatures from solid wood with the high quality and with the acceptable price. And these icons are convenient for "vision by fingers" by blind people, including children. On August 25, 2005 our activity has received the blessing of Vladimir, the Metropolitan of St.-Petersburg and Ladoga. We are proud, that our works are present in many orthodox churches and monasteries not only in Russia - at the Holy Land, at the Holy Mount Athos, in Finland, Norway, Germany, USA. They are present in private collections worldwide too.

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