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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Church

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      Archaeologists Discover Ancient Church By ARON HELLER, Associated Press
      1 hour, 43 minutes ago

      JERUSALEM - Israeli archaeologists on Saturday said they have discovered
      what may be the oldest Christian church in the Holy Land on the grounds of a
      prison near the biblical site of Armageddon.

      The Israeli Antiquities Authority said the ruins are believed to date back
      to the third or fourth centuries, and include references to Jesus and images
      of fish, an ancient Christian symbol.

      "This is a very ancient structure, maybe the oldest in our area," said Yotam
      Tepper, the head archaeologist on the dig.

      The dig took place over the past 18 months at the Megiddo prison in northern
      Israel, with the most significant discoveries taking place in the past two
      weeks, Tepper said. Scholars believe Megiddo to be the New Testament's
      Armageddon, the site of a final war between good and evil.

      Tepper said the discovery could shed new light on an important period of
      Christianity, which was banned by the Romans until the fourth century.

      "Normally we have from this period in our region historical evidence from
      literature, not archaeological evidence," he said. "There is no structure
      you can compare it to, it is a very unique find."

      Channel Two television, which broke the story Saturday evening, broadcast
      pictures of a detailed and well-preserved mosaic bearing the name of Jesus
      Christ in ancient Greek and images of fish.

      Pietro Sambi, the Vatican's ambassador to Israel, praised the find as a
      "great discovery."

      "Of course, all the Christians are convinced of the history of Jesus
      Christ," he told Channel Two. "But is it extremely important to have
      archaeological proof of a church dedicated to him? Certainly."

      Joe Zias, an anthropologist and a former curator with the Israeli
      Antiquities Authorities, said the discovery was significant but unlikely to
      be the world's oldest church. He said there were no churches until Emperor
      Constantine legalized Christianity in the fourth century.

      "The earliest it could be is fourth century and we have other fourth-century
      churches. I think what is important here is the size, the inscription and
      the mosaics," he said. "I think it is an important find as far as early
      Christianity but I wouldn't say it was the oldest church in the world."

      The Antiquities Authority said more than 60 prison inmates took part in the
      dig in recent months. Channel Two said there is speculation that Israel may
      move the prison and open a tourist attraction in its place.

      "If it's between a prison and a church, I would like a church," Zias said.
      "You can put a prison anywhere."

      Israeli Tourism Minister Avraham Hirshzon said the discovery could greatly
      increase tourism to Israel.

      "If we nurture this properly, then certainly there will be a large stream of
      tourists who could come to Israel. There is great potential and together
      with the evangelical center in the north could bring great strides in
      tourism," he told Channel Two.

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