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There are no serious problems between the Vatican and Russian govern ment

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    005.11.02 Kommersant: “There are no serious problems between the Vatican and Russian government “There are no serious problems between the Vatican and
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      005.11.02 Kommersant: “There are no serious problems between the Vatican
      and Russian government"

      “There are no serious problems between the Vatican and Russian

      // The head of Vatican Foreign Ministry told about the relationship
      of churches and

      In the end of the last week Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, head of the
      Vatican Foreign Ministry, finished his working visit to Russia. This
      was the first in history a Vatican Secretary visited Russia. Before
      his departure GIOVANNI LAJOLO answered the questions of Kommersant
      correspondent PAVEL KOROBOV.

      --Does the relationship between the Vatican and Russian Orthodox
      Church affect the relationship of Vatican and Russia?

      --The relationship between the Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church
      and between the Vatican and Russia are developing in parallel
      courses: each has its own way, but they can't ignore each other, even
      if they are in proper proportion. However, it is clear that in the
      relationship between Vatican and Russian government it is impossible
      to leave without attention to the present and the past of the Russian
      people. The spiritual face of the people is defined by the presence
      of the Russian Orthodox Church, which the Roman Catholic Church
      considers and respects as the sister-church.

      --During the negotiations with the representative of the Russian
      government did you discuss any relationship between Vatican and
      Moscow Patriarchate?

      --The subject of my conversation with His Excellency Minister of
      Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Chairman of Duma Committee for
      Foreign Relations Konstantin Kosachev was the relationship between
      the Vatican and Russian government, as well as the possibility to
      widen our cooperation on an international scale. We just mentioned
      the problem in the relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church.
      But, I had an impression that the Russian government is interested in
      the development of further relations and they want these relations to
      be trustful and understanding, brotherly and sincere.

      --What major issues you were able to resolve with the representatives
      of the Russian Foreign Ministry and what did not work out?

      -- In The relationship between the Vatican and Russian government
      there are no serious problems! My visit was an answer to the kind
      invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, which
      was presented to me during his visit to the Vatican in June. Our
      communication never had a formal character. We discussed the
      situation in different parts of the world and in different
      international organizations in order to understand how to improve and
      make our relationship more effective.

      --Did you examine a possibility to reform the representative office
      of the Vatican into the full scale embassy?

      --It would be wrong to say "reform" in the context of relations
      between the Vatican and the Russian government: from both sides these
      relationships are considered diplomatic. I can witness, that both
      sides are satisfied with their development. I would rather say about
      some formal corrections that would allow avoiding in the future some
      protocol misunderstandings.

      -- Did you discuss with the representatives of Russian Foreign
      Ministry a possible visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Russia as the head
      of the Vatican state?

      --I am sure that the Holy Father would have a pleasure to visit the
      Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia as well as all other patriarchs of
      Orthodox churches. His visit in Moscow would be received with joy by
      bishops, priests and believers of the Russian Catholic Church
      (Catholics of Latin Order, who are located on Russian territory -
      Kommersant), who would be supported by the Christian Orthodox
      brothers. From the other side, I have no doubts that Pope Benedict
      XVI is always happy to receive in the Vatican His Holiness Patriarch
      Alexi II.

      -- You had negotiations with the head of the Foreign Department of
      the Russian Orthodox Church Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kalinigrad
      Kirill. What problems did you discuss on this meeting?

      --There is one significant question: we need to unite to comply with
      the will of God and to grow in brotherly love. Jesus Christ said:
      "You will be recognized as my disciples because of the love among
      you." From my powers and powers of Metropolitan Kirill, we discussed
      the possibility of closer cooperation, most of all in the frame of
      European organizations, to help spread the Christian values --
      especially the institution of the family, pastor's care for the youth
      and defense of the human life from conception. I also like his idea
      about cooperation in the publishing industry.

      --Do the Vatican and Russia have any joint programs?

      --So far, we are at the beginning stage of their discussions, but I
      thought, that we have a promising future.
      Russian Article as of Nov. 02, 2005

      © 1992-2004 ZAO Kommersant. Publishing House. All Rights Reserved.

      2005.11.02 Interfax: Benedict XVI would be happy to welcome Alexy II in

      02 November 2005, 11:23

      Archbishop Lajolo: Benedict XVI would be happy to welcome Alexy II in
      Moscow, November 2, Interfax - Pope of Rome Benedict XVI would be
      happy to welcome Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia in
      Vatican, Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, Vatican's Secretary for
      Relations with States believes.

      'I do not doubt that Benedict XVI will be happy to welcome His
      Holiness Patriarch Alexy II in Vatican', Laiolo said in his interview
      to Kommersant daily published Wednesday.

      The archbishop expressed is sure that the Pope 'would love to visit
      Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia as well as other patriarchs of the
      Orthodox Churches'.

      Talking about his recent visit to Moscow and his meetings with state
      officials, Lajolo noted: 'I am impressed by the Russian government's
      interest in the development of relations (between Vatican and the
      Russian Church - IF) so that these relations should be fraternal,
      sincere and trustworthy, and open for mutual understanding and

      Lajolo is optimistic about prospects for joint programs of Russia and
      Vatican. 'My impression is that their future looks promising', the
      archbishop said referring to his meetings with representatives of the
      Russian government.

      He further said that 'there are no serious problems in the relations
      between the Holy See and the Russian government'.
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