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Metropolitan Sotirios of Korea Visits DECR/MP

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  • Nina_Dimas_42
    http://www.pravoslavie.ru/cgi-bin/print.cgi?item=2r050901115402 METROPOLITAN SOTIRIOS OF KOREA VISITS THE DEPARTMENT OF EXTERNAL CHURCH RELATIONS Moscow.
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      Moscow. September 1, 2005

      On August 30, 2005 in the Department of External Church Relations,
      DECR/MP vice-chairman Bishop Mark of Egorevsk received Metropolitan
      Sotirios of Korea, a hierarch of the Patriarchate of Constantinople,
      reports DECR's press service.

      Metropolitan Sotirios' see is that of Seoul. Nine parishes and one
      monastery, located in South Korea, are under his authority..
      The beginnings of Orthodoxy in Korea go back to the Russian Spiritual
      Mission in Korea, founded by Decree #2195 of Most Holy governing
      Synod of July 24, 1897 aimed at caring for Russian Orthodox
      Christians, living on the Korean peninsula, and also preaching
      Orthodoxy to the local non-Christian population. The first mission
      arrived in Korea in February 1900. Until 1908 the Korean Mission was
      under the authority of the metropolitan of Petersburg, and from 1908-
      1922 - under the authority of the metropolitan of Vladivostok. By
      decision of the Most Holy Patriarch Tikhon (Synod decree #1571,
      November 4th 1921), the mission was placed under the oversight of the
      Archbishop Tokyo, Sergii (Tikhomirov). From 1931 to 1935 by his
      decision, missionary activity in Seoul was carried out by priest
      Alexander Chistiakov. In 1936 Metropolitan Sergii dispatched
      hieromonk Polykarp (Priimak, 1912-1989) to Seoul. Father Polykarp's
      activity encompassed the entire Korean peninsula. His flock lived in
      many cities - Pyongyang, Hopuchin, Kaisiu, Karugai, Kyohe, Resin,
      Seoul and in many others - seventeen in all. After the end of the
      war, the Korean Mission became part of the East Asian Exarchate of
      the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1949 South Korean authorities, for
      political reasons, illegally expelled the last head of the Russian
      Spiritual Mission, Archimandrite Polykarp and seized Mission property
      and land. It was thus that the activity of the Russian Spiritual
      Mission on Korean territory was suspended.

      During the discussion Metropolitan Sotirios extended kind wishes to
      Alexy, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, who blessed the bishop's
      pilgrimage to Russian holy sites. Metropolitan Sotirios expressed
      special spiritual joy at visiting the Holy Trinity/Seraphim/Diveyevo
      convent and praying at the relics of the great Russian saint, the
      venerable Seraphim of Sarov.

      This is Metropolitan Sotirios' second visit to Russia. During the
      present visit the Metropolitan visited Vladivostok, Diveyevo, Moscow,
      Holy Trinity-St.. Sergius Lavra, Khotkovo and worshipped at many
      Orthodox holy places. Accompanying Metropolitan Sotirios was a
      cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church, hieromonk Feofan (Kim) who was
      appointed to Seoul for the pastoral care of the Russian speaking
      Orthodox community. In his discussion with Bishop Mark of Egorevsk,
      Metropolitan Sotirios gave high assessment to Fr. Feofan's pastoral
      work and noted the significant increase in the number of Russian
      speaking believers in South Korea.

      Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, DECR's secretary for inter-Orthodox
      relations, and D.I. Petrovsky of DECR also participated in the
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