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Christians in Holy Land -Orthodoxy has better prospects than either Protestants or Catholics

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    The Russians Are Coming to rescue the Holy Land? http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2000/494/op1.htm There have been significant changes to Israeli religious
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      "The Russians Are Coming" to rescue the Holy Land?

      There have been significant changes to Israeli religious demographics over
      the last 10 years, thanks to the influx of more than 1 million Russians. One
      in 5 Israelis is now Russian, 20% of the population. A proportion of these
      are Jews by ancestry but Russian Orthodox Christians by religion. Today new
      Orthodox churches are being built throughout Israel and even on the
      kibbutzim! The Russians and the Arabs are brother Orthodox in Israel and
      together they will bring a new springtime of Christianity to the Mother
      Church of Jerusalem.

      "I was recently given two startling pieces of information by a visiting
      Palestinian friend from Jerusalem. One was that there were several Russian
      Orthodox Christian churches being built in the southern Israeli town of
      Beersheba.... <snip>

      "Just as remarkable is Lustick's observation that a significant number of
      the newcomers had registered themselves either as Christians or persons of
      no religion at all. As a result of this situation, the Russians, or to put
      it another way, non-Arab Christians are the fastest growing Israeli
      religious community and now constitute 8-9 per cent of the non-Arab
      population of the state... <snip>"

      One factor with which the Jerusalem Patriarchate will have to come to terms
      in the near future is the large numbers of Russian Orthodox who are now part
      of its flock. These are Jews genetically and Orthodox Christians
      religiously. Jerusalem has set up a church department for the Russians but
      it seems inadequate for the numbers of Russians involved. In the years ahead
      the character of the Patriarchate will be altered by the Russian Orthodox

      Another article:


      Last wave of immigration sharply increased
      the number of secret [Orthodox] Christians in Israel

      Although official statistics indicate that the number of Christians in
      Israel is constantly decreasing, in reality, EAI data shows that there is a
      large number of secret Christians among the Jews who arrived from Russia and
      Ukraine between 1989-1993.

      Thus, the research conducted among 86,000 new immigrants in 1999
      demonstrated that approximately 53% of them cannot be considered Jews in
      accordance with Judaic law. Available data suggest approximately 400,000
      "unregistered [Orthodox] Christians" arrived with the last wave of

      Fr Ambrose
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