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Greek Orthodox Patriarch refuses to resign after synod attacks him for .....

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  • Debbora Berlinger
    http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0505/greek_orthodox_hero.php3? Jewish World Review May 26, 2005 Greek Orthodox Patriarch refuses to resign after synod attacks
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      Jewish World Review
      May 26, 2005

      Greek Orthodox Patriarch refuses to resign after synod attacks him
      for enabling expanded Jewish settlement in Jerusalem


      Irineos I dared to lease to Jews land that "Palestinians" want for
      the capital of a future state

      http://www.JewishWorldReview.com | There's a huge controversy brewing
      over what is described as "explosive" allegations that the Greek
      Orthodox Church's patriarch in Jerusalem sold property in that city
      to Jews.

      Clearly a tragedy and an outrage. I mean, property in the Jews' holy
      city being bought by Jews. Imagine that.

      If some group in the United States threw a hissy fit over property
      being sold to or bought by members of racial or religious group, my
      guess is that the outcry would be over the hissy fit. But the Arab
      world is definitely not the United States.

      The Arab world, particularly the Palestinians, are reportedly up in
      arms over what they term "the Judaizing" of Jerusalem.

      Specifically, the Church's patriarch, Irineos I, is being pressured
      to resign because one of his top aids may have made 198-year leases
      with Jews for some church property, according to the Associated
      Press. AP also reports that World Orthodox leaders voted Tuesday in
      Turkey to stop recognizing Irineos I, asserting a rare unified
      position during a rare "pan-Orthodox" gathering. Irineos refuses to

      Let's examine this.

      It is apparently grossly unacceptable for the Christian owners of
      property in Israel, in Jerusalem, the city of David, built by the
      Jews in antiquity, to sell or lease any of it to Jews.

      Doesn't this show a rather intense anti-Semitism, while
      simultaneously illuminating that fact that there is property in
      Israel owned by members of other faiths. In fact, there are churches
      and mosques all over the place there, where adherents are left
      unmolested to worship as they choose. This is not generally the case
      in the 40-odd Arab/Muslim countries, where being a non-Muslim is a
      definite handicap, and being a Jew can be fatal.

      These houses of worship of various faiths remain standing in the Holy
      Land, even since Israel's rebirth. An impartial comparison between
      Israel and probably any place overtaken by Arabs/Muslims in the past
      thousand years, would surely reveal a marked lack of tolerance for
      any other faith on Islam's part. The Muslim tradition, in fact, has
      been to destroy any vestige of a peoples' past culture or religion
      when-and-wherever Islam has gained the upper hand.

      In no other arena is the qualitative difference between the Jewish
      and Muslim cultures more evident than in the fact that there are
      millions of Arabs living and working in Israel, some even serving in
      the military and the parliament, working as doctors and nurses in
      Israeli hospitals and generally enjoying the same freedoms and
      responsibilities as Jewish Israelis. This seems to strike no one as
      strange, though it stands in marked contrast to the treatment of Jews
      in the Muslim world. Somehow, though, the idea of Jews living
      in "Palestine" or most other Arab countries, strikes many people as
      an unacceptable and dangerous provocation.

      I find that curious and not a little aggravating, especially since,
      despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Israel, and not
      the Arab/Muslim world, has been labeled by many as racist.

      Irineos I is under siege for leasing to Jews land Palestinians want
      for the capital of a future state.

      Why would Jerusalem and not Ramallah or some other West Bank or Gazan
      city be the capitol of a future Palestinian state? Jerusalem is holy
      to Jews as the sight of the ancient temples of David and Solomon. It
      is Judaism's only holy city, mentioned in the Torah hundreds if not
      thousands of times. It's holy to Christians as the place Jesus
      preached and died, and is mentioned many times in the Christian
      Bible, too.

      Jerusalem is said to be holy to Muslims as the place from which
      Mohammed, who historically never actually set foot there, ascended to
      heaven riding a winged beast. Jerusalem is mentioned in the Quran
      exactly zero times.

      Jerusalem's famous and admittedly beautiful gold-domed mosque was
      constructed atop the ancient temple and bigger than the Church of the
      Holy Sepulcher, as a symbolic raspberry -- it's importance to Islam
      artificially inflated.

      The Israel/Palestinian situation is an impossible quagmire, with the
      Israelis seemingly unable to win for losing. It should get out of
      Gaza, it shouldn't get out of Gaza. It should get out immediately,
      but not too soon. It has the right to defend its citizens against
      bloodthirsty terrorists, but not to do so effectively.

      Where is the Messiah when you need him?
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