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Fw: [ORTHODOXNEWS] Come Receive the Light Programming Schedule for February 2004

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  • Teresa A. Polychronis
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      The Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas
      8 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10021

      For Immediate Release
      February 2, 2004

      Schedule of Programs for February 2004

      Topic: Experiencing Great Lent as a Community
      Guest: Fr. Roman Braga
      We are fast approaching the Lenten Season, are you prepared? Fr. Roman
      Braga joins Fr. Chris and Emmy this week as he will share his story of
      being in prison for eleven years, relating it to one's journey through
      Great Lent. Many of us experience Great Lent individually, but Fr. Roman
      will explain that we should all experience the Lenten season as a
      community. Tune in this week for a spiritually uplifting program as you are
      preparing for Great Lent and learn how to discover who you are through your
      Great Lent experience.

      Topic: Romance in Marriage
      Guests: Fr. Don and Khouriya Maggie Hock
      As many of us are celebrating Valentine's Day today Fr. Chris and Emmy
      welcome Fr. Don and Khouriya Maggie Hock who will provide an Orthodox
      Christian perspective of Romance in Marriage, highlighting the importance
      of rekindling and keeping the flame lighted at all times. They will also
      discuss the three stages of marriage: enchantment, disenchantment and
      maturity focusing on how romance should be cultivated throughout these
      stages. Set aside time with your spouse or loved one and experience what
      joy there can be in an Orthodox Christian marriage that is God centered. Be
      sure to invite your friends, especially those who are preparing for
      marriage to listen to this program.

      Topic: Another look at the Passion
      Guest: His Grace Bishop Savas
      Fr. Chris had the great pleasure of speaking with His Grace Bishop Savas,
      Chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, and getting an in depth
      interview of his reaction and thoughts of the upcoming release of the Mel
      Gibson movie Passion of Christ. Last summer, His Grace attended a summer
      pre-screening of a raw version of the movie along with other religious
      leaders and Mel Gibson. Be sure to tune in this week and see what His
      Grace's thoughts and point of view are on this highly controversial movie;
      does it truly portray the actual events accurately?

      Topic: Orthodox Christian Summer Camps that educate our youth
      Guests: Rev. K. Michael Anderson and Rev. Fr. David M. Zuder
      How can Orthodox Christian Summer Camps and its structure be beneficial for
      our youth? Fr. David Zuder and Fr. Michael Anderson join Fr. Chris and Emmy
      as they address this question, emphasizing the rich education that our
      children receive each summer. Sending our children to an Orthodox Christian
      Summer Camp is very important in view of today's needs and pressures on our
      children. Stay tuned this week and find out how our youth are motivated to
      lead a Godly life upon attending Orthodox Summer Camp; the experience they
      receive is unforgettable. In addition, learn more about the different
      Orthodox Christian Summer Camps that you may consider sending your child to
      this summer; and remember to register them early as spots fill up quickly.

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      For More Information please contact:
      OCN - Orthodox Christian Network
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