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Fr. A. Dudchenko's daughter was robbed; pushed under a train

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
        See what I wrote below photo. Киев: дочь священника-блоггера ограбили и столкнули под поезд -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2014

        See what I wrote below photo.
      Киев: дочь священника-блоггера ограбили и столкнул...
      Кристина Дудченко, дочь священника УПЦ МП Андрея Дудченко, была ограблена в Киеве и брошена под поезд. Информация об этом распространилась в...
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      Unfortunately I am unable to provide an English translation at this time.  Summary:
      Fr. Andriy's daughter, Christina is a diabetic;  She survived but received serious traumas; a long recovery time is predicted  News about the event was spread on social media.
      The title of the article is: Kiev: the daughter of a blogger-priest was robbed and pushed under a train.
      Fr. Andriy Dudchenko, operates a website where there are some articles in English (Articles in English may be found on the left side bar -- third from the bottom).
      I believe Fr. Andriy was also a participant in the recent conference in Canada -- perhaps he was even instrumental in organizing the event.

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