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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    [Rusian] https://mospat.ru/ru/2013/09/20/news91308/   Moscow hosted 1st meeting of the working group preparing events dedicated to the memory of St. Vladimir
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2013
      Moscow hosted 1st meeting of the working group preparing events dedicated to the memory of St. Vladimir
      (translation of last 4 paragraphs) 
      Responding to questions from journalists after the meeting, AD Beglov called the  upcoming St. Vladimir celebrations a national holiday. In turn, VI Resin promised to complete the restoration work at the Moscow diocesan house by May 2015 .

      In turn, Metropolitan Hilarion noted that the upcoming anniversary provides an opportunity to remember the origins of the Russian state, our Orthodox faith. "This celebration should have a unifying significance for the peoples of the Russian Federation, and to the peoples of neighboring countries - Ukraine, Belarus, together with Russia are the direct heirs of baptism in the Dniepr of the Holy Prince Vladimir . This and other countries under the canonical jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church are also our faithful living in the diaspora because they are all, as are all of us, without exception, the heirs of the Holy Prince Vladimir . We would like these celebrations to have  great resonance  in Russia , Ukraine and Belarus, but also in other countries, " - said the DECR chairman.

      Metropolitan Hilarion also said that as part of celebrations will include scholarly conferences , forums , contests , children's Olympics, processions with relics of Holy Prince Vladimir.

      The Archpastor with regrets remembered  that in Moscow there are no monuments to the Baptiser of Russia, "except for the bust which was placed 25 years ago in the Danilov Monastery. No street or avenue is named in honor of Prince Vladimir, despite the fact that he, in fact, the founder of our state. " According to Metropolitan Hilarion , the celebration can be a very good basis to restore historical justice so that the name of Prince Vladimir, once again became holy and got a proper reflection both in Moscow and in other cities.
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