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Patriarch: ROC in 62 countries

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
     http://www.interfax-religion.com/?act=news&div=10748   09 September 2013, 11:28 Patriarch Kirill calls for unity of Moldovan politicians Chisinau, September
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      09 September 2013, 11:28

      Patriarch Kirill calls for unity of Moldovan politicians

      Chisinau, September 9, Interfax - The lack of consolidation of political forces creates many problems for Moldova, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia told Moldovan Parliament Speaker Igor Corman in Chisinau on Sunday.

      "This process is incomplete and it has an extremely unfavorable effect on people's life. People are tired of confusion, never-ending elections and change of administration," he said.

      The meeting was also attended by deputies from various parliamentary groups.

      The patriarch stressed that the efforts he was taking in the countries of his responsibility as the head of the Russian Orthodox Church aimed "to prevent elections from disturbing fundamentals of people's life." The achievement of this goal requires "the recognition by all parties of fundamental values, which constitute spirituality of the man and the society", he added.

      The patriarch wished Moldovan politicians "to protect fundamental values together" and said the goal was not difficult to attain in Moldova, one of the most religious countries of the world.

      The fact that the overwhelming majority of citizens are Orthodox believers should reduce "the heat of political debates. The degree of political confrontment should be lesser and it should be calmer," he said.

      In turn, Corman called for using the Church's potential to improve living standards in the republic. "The parliament is united whenever we speak about the spiritual development of our country and citizens. This is important at this crucial time because the state and the Church have the same goals," Corman told Patriarch Kirill.

      It is important "not to forget about spiritual progress" while fostering economic prosperity, the speaker said. "We should be working together with the Church," Corman stressed.

      Religion unites people and contributes to the strengthening of statehood and people's identity, he said. Corman noted the role of the Church and personally Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and all Moldova in that process. He also declared a special social role of the Church and thanked Patriarch Kirill for his involvement in the opening of a center for assistance to Moldovan immigrants in Russia last year.

      In addition, Patriarch Kirill met with Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca in Chisinau on Sunday.

      "You are a symbol of faith and an example of service to the people, justice and spirituality to be followed by many," Leanca told Patriarch Kirill. "The Church has played and will continue to play a very important role and help us convince people that we can pull through the hard times," he said.

      "We need unity and as you, Your Holiness, has correctly said this unity should be achieved for the sake of something great," the premier said referring to the sermon the patriarch delivered after Sunday's liturgy service. The sermon asked the people of Moldova to preserve their Orthodox belief.

      The patriarch said he had heard claims made before his visits to post-Soviet republics alleging that "he was an ambassador of Moscow who would try to force someone to do something."

      "I am the Patriarch of all Russia, which means I am not the Patriarch of the Russian Federation, Ukraine or Moldova. I make no distinction between citizens of Russia, Moldova or any other country. The Russian Church is present in 62 states," the Church head remarked.

      He said he was speaking on behalf of God and conveying God's message, which "must sound very loudly now because the world, especially Western Europe, is losing faith."

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