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Patriarch Kirill suggests solving the problem of non-understanding Church Slavonic without liturgical reform

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Machine translation http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/print.php?act=news&id=102996 & http://www.pravoslavie.ru/news/63788.htm  Patriarch Kirill ( Gundyaev )
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2013
      Machine translation

      Patriarch Kirill ( Gundyaev ) suggests solving the problem of non-understanding  Church Slavonic without liturgical reform

      Patriarch Kirill said about the impossibility of eliminating the use of the Church Slavonic language in the liturgy and encouraged to work with people who do not understand , said Sept. 2 " Pravoslavie.Ru " citing the Synodal Information Department ROC .

      "We can not just take a toggle switch to turn and translate into Russian ," - said the head of the Moscow Patriarchate , responding during a meeting with students of higher educational institutions of the Smolensk region on the issue of replacing the Russian Church Slavonic language as the language of prayer .

      The Primate of the Moscow Patriarchate said that such a change is difficult because of the nature of the Church Slavonic language, and pointed out that the Russian language can not adequately convey all the shades of meaning found in the texts written in Old Church Slavonic .

      Patriarch Kirill said that some people find it difficult to understand the texts in Old Church Slavonic . For them, the primate of the MP proposed to expand and develop non-liturgical  activity. In his opinion , the participation of young people who are interested in Orthodoxy , but does not understand in Church Slavonic , in the events organized in the framework of non-liturgical would help her get acquainted with the liturgical language , Russian spiritual culture and facilitate the process of uniting to the Moscow Patriarchate.

      "What is non-liturgical activity? And this means meeting. Not a single word in Slavonic , all in a modern style, in modern culture, what 's natural and familiar to any other person . Runs as six months, and maybe a year . And the person who visits this kind of training - he becomes a man the church , and in the temple , he is beginning to understand , "- said the Patriarch Kirill .

      " So without liturgical reform , without confrontation of generations we can absolutely safely accomplish this task. But for this, our priests have to work in this regard. It is now a categorical requirement of the Patriarch to the Church , "- concluded Patriarch Kirill .

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