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Moldovan authorities under pressure from the European Union to undermine the position of the Church

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.interfax-religion.ru/?act=news&div=52526 September 3, 2013, 10:14 The Moldovan authorities under pressure from the European Union are trying to
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      September 3, 2013, 10:14
      The Moldovan authorities under pressure from the European Union are
      trying to undermine the position of the Church, says Bishop Marcellus

      Chisinau. September 3. Interfax -

      Bishop of Balti and Falesti Markell in anticipation of the visit of
      Patriarch Kirill to Moldova again sharply criticized the authorities of
      this country, accusing them of anti-people policy.

      "After 2009, when the party came to power, financially and politically
      supported by the European Union, can be traced persistent attempts by
      the public authorities to change the lifestyle of Moldovans, especially
      in relation to the Church, "- says the bishop in an article published
      Tuesday on the website" Interfax-Religion. " According to the hierarch,
      under persistent pressure from the EU government wants to undermine the
      authority of the Church, to belittle the eyes of the people of its
      historical role and minimize its impact in the community, in every
      possible way to limit its functions.

      "Rhetoric Moldovan government officials who do not enjoy any support and
      confidence of the population, sharply directed against the Orthodox
      Church, an institution that is trusted by the vast majority of citizens
      of Moldova. Is not it strange Is it? Or is it to be engaged in a war
      against its own people? " - Asks the author. According to him, at the
      legislative, administrative and executive level and at the level of
      everyday life, "the people, conducted by an unprecedented audacity and
      harmfulness of an experiment for the destruction of the image of
      Christ's Church from its historical memory and the transformation of the
      spiritual and moral values ​​of the Moldovan ethnicity-based by
      professed over the centuries of Christian values ​​to the level of the
      low-lying animal instincts and vices. "

      Bishop referred to "push the authorities extremist version of Islam" in
      the form of registration of the Islamic League and the "shameful
      Parliament's adoption of the controversial law" On the equality of
      chances "that gives unprecedented rights of sexual minorities to promote
      perversion and corruption of the younger generation. " In addition, as
      he said, under the pressure of NGOs financed by the West, the Orthodox
      Church, to which, according to him, is owned 94% of the population, the
      same rights with other religious organizations, "including destructive
      and totalitarian character ".

      "Any reluctance to build on Western values, open expression of sympathy
      for Russia, Russian language and culture, the desire to rapprochement
      with the Eurasian Union is qualified by the authorities as an attempt to
      hinder the process of European integration of the country. guide is
      dirty and pursuing anti-Russian policies (that aims) dissidents "-
      stated in the article. Bishop Marcellus convinced that finding the
      Orthodox Church of Moldova in the Moscow Patriarchate holds society and
      the State "from the collapse and total ruin." Full text of the article,
      see the section "Analysis".
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