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Windows to Heaven Iconograpy Tour

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      To Heaven Iconography Tour

      St. Vladimir Orthodox Church, 812
      Grand Street, Trenton, NJ will be hosting "Windows to Heaven, Gospels in Color
      and Light!" an Iconography Tour and Reception on Saturday, September 21, 2013.
      Tour times are 11:00 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. The 90-minute tour will begin in the
      church with presentations and discussions on Orthodox iconography given by
      Father John Diamantis, Rector, Father Paul Shafran, Pastor Emeritus, and
      accomplished iconographer, Lynette Hull.

      The tour will be followed by a
      reception next door in Daria Hall. Ethnic food and beverages will be available
      and are included in the ticket price. The cost of the tour is $20 for adults
      ($25 at the door), $5 for students 12 -18; no charge for children. Tickets may
      be purchased at Daria Hall (at the corner of Adeline and Stanton Streets) on
      Sunday mornings after Divine Liturgy (12-1 pm), or by contacting:

      Nina Laushell Phone (215) 428-2177 or via e-mail: nina.laushell@...
      Darice Keyes Phone (267) 987-5156 or via
      e-mail: darice.keyes@...

      corresponding via e-mail, please put ICONOGRAPHY TOUR in the subject line.
      Information is posted at http://www.saintvladimir.com

      hold an important role in the religious practice of Orthodox Christians. They
      provide access to the divine and enhance a viewers understanding of God and the
      heavenly hierarchy. The word, icon, originates from the Greek word, eikon, which
      means, “Image.”

      Saint Vladimir Orthodox Church was constructed in 1914.
      The Byzantine icons and murals within the church were written (painted) by
      well-known Russian iconographer, Pimen Sofronov, during the years 1954-1956. Mr.
      Sofronov was born in Estonia in 1899. He began an apprenticeship at the age of
      11 with a Master Iconographer. He moved to Yugoslavia where he restored old
      icons and painted new icons and murals in many churches. He later lived in
      France where he was in charge of a school to train iconographers. Just prior to
      World War II, he was invited to the Vatican to paint murals in a Byzantine
      chapel. He worked as an iconographer at the Vatican for about seven years. He
      came to United States in the early 1950’s to first paint Saints Peter and Paul
      Orthodox Church in Syracuse, NY. Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Church was the second
      church that Mr. Sofronov painted in the United States.

      Sergei and
      Nadezhda Gavrish, of Philadelphia, who were trained in the science of icon and
      art restoration in Russia, laboriously restored the iconography in

      The tour is offered as an outreach to the greater community
      and will provide an explanation of the particular icons and frescoes in Saint
      Vladimir Orthodox Church and the meaning they hold as “Windows to Heaven.” Tour
      participants will be able to experience the beauty and remarkable example of the
      eternal presence of the holy.

      Additionally, local iconographer, Lynette
      Hull, will explain what it means to be an iconographer as well as the actual
      process of writing an icon. Attendants of each tour session will have the
      opportunity to participate in a Silent Bid for an icon that will be written by
      Mrs. Hull to the image of the winner’s choice during the reception.

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