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HOW, WHEN & WHERE & BY WHOM was Putin baptized?

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://expertmus.livejournal.com/114832.html & http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/print.php?act=news&id=102385 [This very slightly edited translation begins with
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      [This very slightly edited translation begins with the 5th paragraph, as the first four are irrelevant]

      Oddly enough, no one has paid any attention to the discrepancies in the information available on the date of the baptism of Vladimir Putin. The first news that the successor to Yeltsin as president of Russia was Putin - a believer, made headlines around the world after his first meeting with Bush, Jr. on June 16, 2001 in Ljubljana (Slovenia). In his memoir, "The Decision Points" (Decision Points) George Bush recalled the story of a cross with Vladimir Putin: "He seemed a little tense and started to say, looking at the record. After a few minutes, I interrupted his monologue question:" Is it true that your mother gave you the cross that you had blessed in Jerusalem? "... Putin's expression showed that he was shocked when Peter, the interpreter translated into Russian my question. I explained that I read somewhere about this and would like to know the details. I did not tell him what he had learned about it from intelligence sources. Putin quickly came
      around and told this story. His face and his voice grew softer as he recalled how he put the cross on at a  country home, which later burned down. When firefighters arrived, he told them that the only thing that was dear to him - was the cross.  He spoke about how a fireman opened his hand and there was a cross. And he said: "That's how it was supposed to be."

      As George Bush confessed to the well-known American analyst Peggy Noonan after the meeting, "it seems, Putin believes in higher powers." And to the whole journalistic corps Bush Jr. said that he saw the "soul" of Putin, looking into the eyes of the new Russian president, who seemed to him "honest and trustworthy", "I looked him straight in the eye and was able to capture the movement of the soul" (Ian Traynor . Bush and Putin: the end of the affair? / / The Guardian, 16.08.2001). However, the psychic abilities of the American President brougt a sarcastic smile Hillary Clinton, who said that "President Bush looked into Putin's eyes and saw a kindred spirit, however, I would like to recall that Putin was a KGB agent, and that, by definition,he has no soul".

      Even before the story with his baptismal cross Putin said in an interview on CNN Larry King Live in September 2000, "a curious story, after which I decided to always wear the cross on myself. I have a summer house near St. Petersburg, and there was a fire, there is something shorted in the sauna. Before entering the sauna, I took off the cross, and when the fire started, I and my companions jumped out, almost naked, because it all happened suddenly. It should be noted that the cross was very dear to me. my mother gave it to me, and the fire was very serious. I thought not even a trace of the cross would remain; it was, you know, a simple aluminum cross. My surprise was boundless when the worker came, dug into what was left of the house, unclenched his fist, and there was a cross. The house burned down completely. It was amazing. Now I can not part with it "...

      Further details of the history of Putin's cross Bush Jr. came out in the book "From the  First Person", which Vladimir Putin dictated to Natalia Timakova, Natalia Gevorkyan and Andrei Kolesnikov as soon as he became president. The original electronic version of the text of this book with photos first appeared on the
      "Vagrius"site on March 13, 2000, ushering in putinology into the world: http://www.vagrius.com/html/books/putin/

      Published in the book "From the First Person"
      , the first "version" Putin's of biography, "litovannaya" by him personally, and laid out on the Kremlin website, where the story with the cross is given just a few lines: "After the war my father was demobilized, and he went to work as a foreman at a wagon plant actory. He was given a room in a usual communal house in St Petersburg in Baskov Pereulok,  in the center  ...

      Pensioners  lived in our apartment, though not for long. Associated with them is my baptism. A neighbor woman, Anna, who was devout , she went to church, and when I was born, she and my mother had me baptized -- in secret from my father --  a member of the party, the secretary of the party organization department. In 1993, when I worked at the Leningrad city council, I went to Israel as part of an official delegation. And my mom gave me my baptismal cross so that I would have it blessed at  the Holy Sepulchre. I fulfilled her request, and then put on this cross and since then do not remove it ": http://archive.kremlin.ru/articles/bookchapter1.shtml

      The 1996  fire at Putin's dacha (in his words, "the house took 6 years to build"), which Viktor Zubkov helped him get, in  the sadly infamous co-op "LAKE" (established 11 November 1996) on the shore of Lake Komsomol, 120 km from Petersburg iis mentioned in the book "From First Person", but no stories about the miraculous survival the cross in the fire :   http://archive.kremlin.ru/articles/bookchapter6.shtml

      As you can see, Larry King, and after him and Bush Jr. were the first people to whom Putin told this sentimental story, which was propagated widely around the world then ...

      The second "Putinesque" story with the cross to the wider Russian readers was reported in December 2001 by Natalia Timakova, who had become by that time the first deputy head of the Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation. The journalists of the popular weekly "Sobesednik" [Interlocutor], A. Levin,  M. Yakovlev and N. Guzheva with her words told the audience that during the  Aug. 12, 1996 fire , "Putin thought that simple aluminum cross was gone - before going to the sauna, he always took off and left it along with the clothes in the locker room. But when the worker came to dug into what was left of the house, and opened his hand, ther was no limit to the surprise of the future president In the outstretched Vladimir Vladimirovich's outstretched hand he saw his cross, safe and sound. Since then, Putin did not part with it. "

      Publication in "Sobesednik" (12.12.2001,) appeared before Putin's visit as president of Russia, together with his wife Lyudmila to the UK, the day before the [Roman] Catholic Christmas, December 21, 2001: http://expertmus.livejournal.com/80939.

      It is hardly coincidental that the main topic of the article "Putin was secretly baptized"  became Putin's attitude to religion and the Church, and his former classmates were assured "Sobesednik" that the ynever noticed their school friend, not only peeking into a church, but also wearing a cross? The article quoted the classmate's president, Iosif Dolnikov: "I can safely assert that Putin did not attend church.  And I'm on it, too, has never seen." The same is repeated to journalists by the President's cousin, Lyubov Shelomova: "I do not remember that Volodya parents were believers. Vladimir's fathe; was a staunch communist; his mother also did not show a strong preference for the church" ...

      However, Natalia Timakova decided to dispove the evidence of witnesses, citing the following Putin revelation, "as he told Vladimir Vladimirovich, they have in a communal Baskov Pereulok was a neighbor-a retired woman Anya, very pious woman. And once with Maria Ivanovna (Vladimir Vladimirovich's mother. - Ed.) they secretly carried him into the church and had imbaptized. The president doesn't remember the church- he was then 5 months oldje, "Putin was born on October 7, 1952, therefore, he had to have been baptized on March 7, but in the church calendar on this day no St Vladimir is remembered ...

      Authors of articles in the "Sobesednik" were the first among Russian journalists to have identified in 2001 the supposed  place of baptism of the future president near Baskov
       Pereulok -- the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral whose rector is ... the elder brother of the current Patriarch Kirill, Archpriest Nikolai Gundyayev! The chairman of the Cathedral's parish council, Archpriest Boris Glebov, to which the "Sobesednik"refers, then informed them tat Putin was seem at the cathedral only once,  when they served a panikhida for  Anatoly Sobchak on February 24, 2000

      In the same article, "Putin secretly baptized" 2001 was published evidence by Igumen Theophan (Lukyanov), deputy head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem (since 1999) that Sobchak during a trip to Israel in 1993, "Vladimir Putin ... expressed a desire to have his pectoral cross blessed at the Holy Sepulchre. He said his mother asked that this be done. During the service he put the cross on a stone sepulchre and, after the service, took it away "...

      A completely different version of Putin's baptism appeared after the tragic death on  5 December 2008 of Patriarch Alexy II, in early January 2012, that is, more than 10 years (!), after  Vladimir Putin ,as Prime Minister,visited at Christmas the same Cathedral in St. Petersburg (Putin tells of secret christening at Orthodox Christmas, 07/01/2012). This time, Putin told the country's leading news agencies  that immediately after the war, his parents lived right across from the cathedral, and then his father was given a room at Baskov Pereulok, just a 5 min. walk from the temple, and as a child, he said, they "often hung around the cathedral with friends"  being drawn "to the cathedral its by monumentality and beauty ": 
      http://ria.ru/society/20120107/534058131.html # ixzz2OMacaRjP

      But the most radical innovation in the second version of Putin's baptism sample in 2012 was the date of the baptism in the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral: "I was baptized here, a month and a half after my  birth." As Putin said, according to his mother, the priest said that on the day of the memory of Archangel Michaelhe suggested that he also be named Michael, so he suggested givingthe child that name, "But Mom said she had already registered me with the name Vladimir," - said Vladimir Putin. The priest agreed and pointed out the icon in the church of Prince Vladimir, is patron:

      It is strange that none of the journalists - either secular or religious - had not thought until now to figure out which one of the priests of Transfiguration Cathedral named Michael could baptize on November 21, 1952, on the feast of the Archangel Michael, the future president of Russia, with whichthere is no difficulty. As we were the first to establish that  Putin's godfather was the priest Mikhail Vasilyevich Gundyayev, the father of the current Patriarch Kirill! What is even stranger was that no one has any interest in the Transfiguration Cathedral's metrical books  with records of baptism for the period specified by Putin kept and kept in the Central State Archive of St. Petersburg (SPb Cental State Archive)?

      And such archival probing was exactly what was needed after Sobchak's widow, Lyudmila Narusova, immediately after being expelled from the Council of the Federation in an interview with "Novaya Gazeta" on November 8, 2012 reported the sensational news that the absolute majority of the media simply missed. According Narusova, Putin was baptized, and was baptized solely in Jerusalem, when they went there with Anatoly Sobchak in 1993, "earlier he said that he could not be baptized, and as far as I can remember, always he wore a simple cross"!

      Putin, in fact, had been many times in Israel, as confirmed IzRus portal's ex-director (1992-99), the government's Bureau, "Nativ" Jacob Kedmi -- for the first time Vladimir Putin accompanied the chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for External Relations . Anatoly Sobchak of the mayor's office during his visit to Israel in 1993, and the second time he came with his wife and two daughters on vacation in 1996, having become a member of the administration of President Yeltsin. However, Israeli journalists ITAM Eichner and Zvi Singer gave the news agency Ynet strange facts that allegedly Putin first came to Israel with his mother in 1967:
      http://www.jewish.ru/news/world/2005/03/ news994217787.php

      Be that as it may,  what Lyudmila Narusova wrote in an article titled "This is my political testament" completely negates the diligently made up for decades version of Putin's "secret" baptism as a child! Head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, who  actually baptized Putin in 1993, then was the current head of the Tambov metropolia,  Metropolitan Theodosius (Vasnev):

      It is extremely interesting that prior to his return in January 1990 from Germany as a KGB agent,  Putin had to work over" Fr. Theodosy (Vasnev) when the latter first went in December 1989 for an internship in the very same Germany. It is interesting in this regard that in 2000 and 2008.,  Putin personally awarded Sergey Vasnev (Bishop Theodosy)  the Order of Friendship and Honor ...

      Finally, it is reasonable to ask ask: if our fellow citizens are more or less used to that with which Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev) constantly "inundates", our fellow citizens , how would they react to the discouraging fact that the guarantor of the Constitution itself with them is not being honest,  more scrupulous. in such areas as religion?

      BLOG OF EXPERTS Museum. Andrei Rublev July 22, 2013

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