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Bulgarian Synod appoints new acting metropolitan of Varna

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
      http://sofiaglobe.com/2013/07/18/bulgarian-orthodox-church-holy-synod-appoints-varna-acting-metropolitan/ Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2013

      Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church appointed Dorostol Metropolitan
      Ambrosii as temporary metropolitan of Varna on July 18.
      Ambrosii will hold the position until the election of a new metropolitan, who
      would replace Metropolitan Kiril, found dead on a Black Sea beach earlier this
      month. Kiril died of drowning and his body showed no signs of foul play,
      prosecutors said, rejecting speculation in local and foreign media that he might
      have been killed.
      After Kiril’s death, the Holy Synod named Vratsa Metropolitan Kalinik as
      acting Varna Metropolitan, but Kalinik withdrew after clergy and laity wrote to
      the Holy Synod objecting to his appointment.
      According to local media reports, clergy were dissatisfied by the appointment
      of Kalinik, who had not got on well with Kiril and who did not attend his
      Kalinik (82) was recruited by Bulgaria’s communist-era secret service State
      Security in 1968 and had the code names Agent Rilska and Agent Velko. His past
      as a State Security agent is seen as grounds for objections from the clergy in
      Kalinik shares this background as a State Security agent with the late Kiril
      as well as most of the members of the current Holy Synod, including the
      Patriarch, Neofit.
      State Security affiliation, however, does not always seem to determine the
      extent of acceptance of senior clergy, given Patriarch Neofit’s popularity and
      the respect that he has generated since his February 2013 election.
      Ambrosii, one of the two metropolitans that the local clergy said they would
      prefer as acting head of the Varna diocese, was a State Security agent too.
      As to the appointment of a new Metropolitan, church rules provide for the
      appointment to be made only from among clergy who are not already metropolitans,
      meaning that a transfer of a metropolitan from one diocese to another is not
      The death of Kiril created three vacancies on the Holy Synod, the church’s
      governing body, after the resignation of Simeon, Metropolitan of Western and
      Central Europe, because of ill health, and the fact that a Metropolitan must be
      appointed to replace Neofit who temporarily continues to hold the Rousse diocese
      while serving as Patriarch.
      (Photo of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church cathedral in Varna: Nikola

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