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Albania: Anniversary of the Canonical Restoration of our Church is Celebrated

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2013

      The Anniversary of the Canonical Restoration of our Church is
      Celebrated. June 24, 1992 - June 24, 2013

      -21 years ago, His Beatitude, Prof. Dr. Anastasi, was elected as
      Archbishop of Tirana, Durrës and all Albania -

      Monday, June 24, on the feast of the Holy Spirit and Nativity of St.
      John the Baptist, at the new Cathedral "Resurrection of Christ in
      Tirana", was also celebrated the 21-th anniversary of the election of
      the Archbishop Anastasios. The liturgy was attended by representatives’
      clergy and laics from all the Metropolises. This day marked the first
      anniversary of the brilliant inauguration of the magnificent new Cathedral.
      In the Divine Liturgy conducted by Archbishop Anastasios, was
      concelebrating as well the Metropolitan John of Korça, the Metropolitan
      Demetrius of Gjirokastra, Bishop of Apollonia Nicholas, Bishop of Kruja
      Anthony, Bishop of Amantia Nathanael and the Bishop of Bylis, Asti. Part
      of the clergy was also 16 orthodox priests and two deacons.
      At the end of the liturgy, Archbishop Anastasios addressed the believers
      his speech, talking to them about the feast and the role of the Holy
      Spirit in our lives. The Archbishop was focused especially on the
      difficult path, but filled with tremendous success, in which our Church
      went since the freedom of religion. This emphasis is necessary because
      young people as well need to know about these difficulties. His
      Beatitude was focused also on the attacks and the pressure that our
      Church and all the Orthodox community is facing, and invited everyone
      not to worry about the present and especially the future. God hasn’t
      abandoned us so far and wouldn’t do so even in the future. When we say
      "Lord, o Lord, look down from heaven", we say exactly this because it is
      His vineyard and He has to take care about it. Archbishop spoke to the
      audience also for a great effort being conducted by the Church, for a
      deed that will contribute to the generation of incomes and together with
      other things will help for the economic independence, which gives the
      full meaning to the autocephaly.
      Afterwards, on behalf of the members of the Holy Synod and of the
      clergy, His Eminence John, the Bishop of Korça, greeted by saying: “We
      have to first thank the people through whom God made this deed possible.
      Undoubtedly the central person of this deed is Archbishop Anastasios and
      on behalf of the clergy who are present in this liturgy and those who
      are not present, I would like to wish Archbishop long life, that God
      gives him strength and good health, for the glory of God and for the
      good of our Church.”
      Archbishop received congratulations and bunches of flowers from
      believers as well and after the Liturgy he made a warm conversation with
      a group of them in the environments of the new Cathedral.

      Thoma Dhima
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