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Pyramid scheme & its relation to the Ukrainian Orth. Ch/MP

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
        [un-edited machine translation from Russian] http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/?act=news&id=101938&topic=835     THOUGHTS: Sergey Bychkov. LEARN, SHADY
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      [un-edited machine translation from Russian]
      THOUGHTS: Sergey Bychkov. LEARN, SHADY ONE [MAVRODI]! Financial pyramid of Natalia Panko and its relation to the UOC-MP. Part One

      Any pyramid scheme must rest on solid foundations. Otherwise, it is doomed to a rapid collapse. High-profile corruption scandal that has rocked today Ukraine and especially the UOC-MP, which has affected the highest sections of the ruling elite, did not start today. The first stones in the foundation of the pyramid were laid in 2008. Put their spouse first deputy manager of President of Ukraine Natalia Panko. Her husband, Alex, was one of the pillars of the new government. It is to preserve and increase its influence in the four presidents. How could not trust his wife, Natalia devout, who seemed to rarely left the walls of the Kiev Monastery of the Intercession ...
      St. Nicholas cathedral of Kiev's Pokrovsky monastery is still the most magnificent temple of Kiev. Pokrovsky monastery founded in 1889 by Grand Duchess Alexandra, wife of the brother of Tsar Alexander II. She secretly took monastic vows under the name of Anastasia and always remained in the monastery (it was recently honored as the nun Anastasia Kiev). The monastery in several buildings was set free hospital, where the nuns together with qualified doctors provide care to thousands of patients.Sketch of the future church prepared a son of the founder of the monastery - the Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich. The lack of special education did not allow him to supervise the construction. This responsibility has been entrusted to the famous Kiev architect - academician of architecture Vladimir Nikolaev (he built the first buildings of the monastery complex.) At the end of August 1896 the solemn laying of the temple. Attended by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina
      Alexandra Feodorovna, who were then in Kiev. Autocrat personally laid the first brick in the foundation of the future cathedral.
      It was decided to build a temple in honor of Saint Nicholas of Myra. He was considered the patron saint of the emperor and the late husband of Princess-founder. The construction of the temple Vladimir Nikolayev accustomed young colleague Alexander Verbitsky (later distinguished himself as an outstanding architect and teacher, builder of the Kiev railway station). The state budget for the Orthodox empire building a huge temple was not allocated a single penny. It was all done for charity funds. Grand Duchess Alexandra did not regret his own money on a monthly basis by allocating 3,000 rubles (then quite a large amount).
      In 1900, the founder of the righteous earthly journey monastery was suddenly broken. This event is complicated construction. The monastery asked for help from charities. Significant contribution to the construction of the cathedral made famous Kiev philanthropist Nicholas Tereshchenko.Within two years, he has donated more than 50 thousand rubles. Private contributions were made prioress of the monastery and Kalisfeniya Melitina - around 9000. The monastery has allocated from its own funds more than 70 thousand. In May 1911 a new church was consecrated - although its interior walls were still waiting for painting. Dimensions of the cathedral were impressive: length - more than 53 meters, width - more than 38 meters long and with a cross - about 60 meters. It could accommodate 2,500 worshipers. In 1922 the monastery was closed.Cathedral temporarily used as a parish church, finally, in 1930 it was transferred to a print shop and library of the
      Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
      But during the war the monastery revived religious life. It did not end after the liberation of the city. In 1949, he was re-consecrated the high altar of the cathedral. In 1981, the cathedral was damaged by a fire that occurred due to a lightning strike. After that passed the restoration work.Throughout the 1980s, the master-painters of Pochayevskaya Laurus murals inside the top of the temple. But the disfigured face of the cathedral without domes looked sad. Restoration experts, headed by Yuri Lositskaya developed a restoration project, and over the years 2005-08, all 15 domes were revived.
      It is this majestic monastery chosen for their scams Natalia Panko. She entered the credibility of the now deceased Mother Superior Margarita. It was not hard to do - Natalia appeared in the monastery of not one, but usually with major donors, who need assistance in dealing with was quite secular problems. These problems are resolved spouse Natalie - all-Alex Panko, which is in charge and capital construction in Kiev and the allocation of land in the city. Mother Margaret introduced Natalia Primate of the Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan).
      After her death, Mother Abbess was Kalisfeniya who knew Natalia and completely trusted her. And how not to trust when Panko took care of all the hassle of ordering of anniversaries primate, Metropolitan Vladimir, which are usually gathered high these official visit? Who better to know Natalie - who should be invited as seat than regale? And when there were financial problems and the nuns had to visit the Holy Land, or take a trip to Germany for treatment, Natalia easily find sponsors who are willing to donate large sums of money. So in Pokrovsky Monastery Natalia Panko has become something of a treasurer.
      Moreover, such a status it has received not only in a convent. On the eve of the celebrations, and she came in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery in sviatohorsk near Donetsk and Pochaevsky Monastery. Not so much with the spiritual goals. She shamelessly scraped out all the money that came to the monasteries of the pilgrims. And no it is not contradicted. The bishops - the same people. And they have their own problems. And, of course, friends and relatives. They knew that Natalia and her all-powerful husband always ready, of course, not free, but still come to the rescue.
      This lasted until January of this year. Natalie seemed to have built a pyramid and the moment when it is necessary to collect large dividends.Turned scam with cars "Lexus". Natalia promised consumers - rich people - newcomers "Lexi" with a 30-percent discount. She took the money, but the cars are not supplied. So she has collected 160 million hryvnia. Among her clients were MPs, senior officials and even metropolitans. To create the appearance of fair play, Panko took large sums in banks - 1-2 million hryvnia. Some lucky ones even got podeshevke "Lexi" and paraded them by attracting new customers. Panko, thanks to her husband's reputation continued to take large loans to various banks. Guarantor or performed her senior husband (he was working in the State administration of the affairs), or businessmen and officials, lays the land and real estate. Alexei Panko under former Mayor Kosakovskyi addition headed  Kievzem.And had serious relationships
      in the leadership of the city.
      In February of this year, everything was broken. Panko has become inaccessible. She did not take the phone. Disappeared from the city. Her clients have turned to the Mother Superior Kalisfenii as all transactions were made in the monastery. Began to walk rumors that Kalisfeniya was in cahoots with Natalia, and even that all the money is kept at it. VIP requests from customers switched to threats. My mother went to Archbishop Alexander (Drabinko), Secretary for the UOC Metropolitan Volodymyr. He was troubled, reported everything to the Metropolitan, who advised the mother to immediately apply to the security forces.Moreover, the Bishop Alexander, the victim of scams Panko, appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office and the police.
      And then strange things began to happen. There are rumors that Bishop Alexander allegedly was also attributable to Natalia and mother Kalisfeniey. And began to threaten him. Security officials were forced to put to him the guards. But up until the middle of June, he continued to perform his duties. Deceived clients in the meantime have also begun to petition the security forces. With them in high offices were soul-searching conversation. They were the following: "Where did you get the money that you passed Natalia Panko? Select - or you take a statement or you will take the tax authorities." Almost all were forced to withdraw their applications.
      Natalia meanwhile fell to a psychiatric clinic, and soon disappeared from there. No one knows - where she is still alive, or whether it should be remember as slain; The President of Ukraine was forced to lay off on March 1 almighty Alexei Panko from the post of first deputy business manager. He now teaches at the Department of Information Technology at the Kiev University of Construction and Architecture. The most clever of defrauded rushed to it - probably money from him. But he brought a long-standing divorce decree, according to which the division of property of the former wife Natalie got the rickety table and a chair. Then deceived once again began to storm the Mother Kalisfeniyu that on June 13 went to the reception to the Secretary of Metropolitan Vladimir and suddenly mysteriously disappeared. Kalisfeniya Catherine and her assistant were absent in Pokrovsky Monastery about three days, then come to the monastery itself. In the media
      reported that the nuns were kept in the basement of town, beaten, and demanded money, and then taken to a back road and abandoned. Women allegedly reached on foot in Kiev. But their lack of any kind of damage on the second day, the prosecutor said in a court yard of Pechersk court of Kiev.
      The investigation quickly determined that the nuns did not leave the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Search dogs picked up immediately next to the body of the Metropolitan Gallery terrestrial transition from one cave to another. A near neighbor is the administrative home of caves governor. Most likely, they sheltered the governor laurels - the mighty Metropolitan Paul (Swan).
      Investigators did not find any nuns are no signs of torture or beatings.Police on June 18 arrested another victim of scams Panko - Sergei Bout, the brother of former deputy George Booth. He was detained on suspicion of kidnapping the two nuns. Booth was on top of another Archbishop Alexander. The other day, the Court of Appeal of Kyiv has upheld the decision of Pechersk District Court for the arrest of Sergei Bout, a suspect in the attempted murder of nuns. Although the performers abduction (if any) have not been and is not even established a place of temporary detention nuns suffered after the incident, Archbishop Alexander (Drabinko). He remains in the rank of the victim and a witness, but leaning against his guard hides it in a safe house.
      On the feast of the Trinity Alexander brought to Feofaniya, the residence of Metropolitan Vladimir, but after the service. His state of mind, according to eyewitnesses, causes concern. Rather, he skillfully someone disoriented. Presumably, the total isolation and some suggestion on the part of those who are so reluctant to investigate and long criminal case of fraud Panko. It is strange that he still does not have a lawyer. He himself was a man far removed from the legal and procedural niceties.
      History banal. It's funny and the fact that the press receives a steady stuffing misinformation. Which has already led to a complete mess and confusion in our minds. Recently, the most serious blow aimed at the Primate of the UOC MP Metropolitan Volodymyr (Sabodan) and his secretary. The sad thing is that a close fusion of church and state, and this time a painful blow to the credibility of the Church. To many defrauded Natalia Panko, Metropolitan Paul, Mother Superior Kalisfeniya and Archbishop Alexander - equal fraudulent pyramid builders. No one has ever explained to them that behind the church people were hiding crooks covered secular authority.
      The victims, meanwhile claimed that the person sought by police Natalia Panko seen several times in Kiev driving expensive cars. Apparently, soon we will hear about a new financial pyramid.
      (To be continued)

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