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Coptic Pope Awards Syriac Orthodox Chorepiscopos

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      Coptic Pope Awards Syriac Orthodox Chorepiscopos.

      Vienna (AINA) — In his second overseas trip since his enthronement in
      November 2012, Egypt’s Coptic Patriarch Pope Tawadros II visited Vienna
      on May 23 until early June 2013. Earlier in May, the Pope made a
      historic visit to the Vatican and met with Pope Francis — the first
      such visit of a Coptic Orthodox Church leader in 40 years.

      Pope Tawadros met with Austrian President Heinz Fischer, State
      Secretary Sebastian Kurz and Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. On June 3,
      2013 at the Palace of the Cardinal, Pope Tawadros II was awarded with
      the title “Protector of the Foundation Pro Oriente.” The pope ordained
      several Coptic priests, as well as met with Coptic youth and gave a
      lecture at the Pope Shenouda College.

      In a formal act on June 3rd, at the Coptic cathedral Virgin of
      Zeitoun, Pope Tawadros awarded the St. Mark Medal to the distinguished
      Syriac Orthodox Chorepiscopos Emanuel Aydin. The Chorepiskopos is
      being honored for his work as Vice-Rector of the Pope Shenouda
      College. The laudation was presented by the Syriac Orthodox Archbishop
      Dionyisos Isa Gürbüz, who is in charge of Austria and Switzerland.

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