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Dn Kuraev on the scandal with the nuns & the Secretary of Kiev's Metropolitan

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/print.php?act=news&id=101649 and http://diak-kuraev.livejournal.com/489688.html?thread=126285016 Minimally edited machine
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2013
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      MEDIA MONITORING: The wretchedness of  Church journalism. The entire huge system of ROC media "did not notice" the scandal with the nuns and the Secretary of the Metropolitan of Kiev


      In the life of our Church is growing for a week, something remarkable: the scandal in Kiev with the participation of top officials of the Church. 
      A few days in custody was Archbishop Alexander (Drabinko), personal assistant to the Metropolitan of Kiev and the man who, in fact, ruled the Ukrainian church life in recent years.  Serious charges - kidnapping, extortion ...
       Incredibly: spoke in his defense, the anathema  "Patriarch" Filaret of Kiev. He's satisfied with the current leadership  of his apparent chief enemies.
       And what is in the church press and analysis? Nothing.The Soyuz TV Channel speaks of endlessly of ordinary  awarding of medals to each other and about the endless reciprocal transfers of holy objects. All is well at the beautiful [blind] marchioness. 

      The sign of a true church journalist  is to ignore even the most obvious, screaming problems.  Be the last to react. "Wisely and carefully." And this despite the endless assurances that we are on the front of the the information war declared on us. But if that is so, then one should behave as if atthe war should \and, therefore, deign to notice: Guderian's tanks are near Minsk (or in this case - Kiev's), and our "Pravda" is still talking about the peaceful Soviet skies and borders.

       But the old scandal of Filaret's wife and children fades against  the background of the current one. His words at the the Moscow Sobor which expelled him ("Well, what if I have a woman in the house? If any of you do not, it is because they have men in the house") will be set in stone. And this stone can be grave of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  The trouble is not that something came to light, but that it tok place. But the church press notices nothing. . And even if someone eventually bravely agrees with the moralistic reproach to the outgoing archbpAlexander, not one of the proper ecclesiastical writers will
      pose a simple question: who are you, Your Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir, and why was your co-ruler  such a bright young man?
      Yes, I understand, what I've written is very "non-church".But where are the benchmarks for a more calibrated response to Kiev's failure? Silence in such cases does not seem wise, but one that's frightened and miserable. понимаю, дознание еще идет. understand the inquiry is still going.But Journalism can be simply informational and one that suggests speculation.

      Вот интересно, в случае аналогичных событий в католическом мире католическая пресса тоже вглухую отмалчивается? I wonder in the case of similar events in the [Roman] Catholic world, does the Catholic press also remains silent?

      *** *** Еще до этого скандала в епископате УПЦ были планы выделить из состава Крымской епархии отдельную курортную Южнобережную епархию, поставить во главе ее вл. Even before this scandal in the episcopate of the UOC there had been plans to separate  from the Crimean diocese the diocese of the South Coast, put at it head bp. чтобы туда же переехал уже на покой митрополит Владимир и доживали бы они там свой век в мире и согласии. Alexander,with the understanding that Metropolitan Vladimir retire there, and they would live out their days there in peace and harmony. Красивый был вариант... This was a beautiful  option ...
       BLOG of  Protodeacons Andrei Kuraev, June 24, 2013

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