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Patriarch John X’s Press Conference Ahe ad of the Holy Synod’s Meeting

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.pravmir.com/patriarch-john-xs-press-conference-ahead-of-the-holy-synods-meeting/ Patriarch John X’s Press Conference Ahead of the Holy Synod’s
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      Patriarch John X�s Press Conference Ahead of the Holy Synod�s Meeting
      Jun 18th, 2013

      His Beatitude John X Yazigi, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all
      the East said, �We are messengers of peace and love. This is the mission
      with which we have been entrusted, to bear witness to truth and life.�

      At the press conference today before the start of the work of the Holy
      Synod of Antioch at the patriarchal Monastery of Our Lady of Balamand,
      Yazigi added, �The Synod will examine the issue of the two bishops,
      Metropolitan Youhanna Ibrahim of the Syriac Orthodox in Aleppo and
      Metropolitan Boulos Yazigi of the Greek Orthodox in Aleppo and
      Iskanderun, who we continuously pray will be with us soon. This and all
      issues will be studied in peace and calm for the good of the Church, her
      children, our people, and the role that they undertake among them� We
      pray and work for the stability of our country and for the spread of
      peace and truth in every place in the world� We will examine what is
      happening in Lebanon and Syria.�

      Yazigi indicated that �there will be coordination and study of all the
      issues that enter into practical aspects of this framework, in order to
      implement the vision to which we aspire� since there must be mechanisms
      for implementation, we will study everything that is good for our
      people, for our country, and for our region, especially the Middle East,
      which is in our hearts.�

      Again about the kidnapping of the two bishops, Yazigi said, �We hope and
      anticipate that [their release] will be achieved� but there is nothing
      final about the matter� Next Saturday at the Monastery of Our Lady of
      Balamand, we will hold prayers which we hope will be prayers of thanks
      for the presence of the two bishops, with a public invitation from the
      two Orthodox Churches of Antioch, Antiochian and Syriac. Patriarch Zakka
      will participate personally, along with all the Christian churches and
      our Muslim brothers, with whom we make up one family, sharing the same
      joys and sorrows.�

      Yazigi added, �We have decided to hold this prayer as a call to all
      people� to the kidnappers, to the international community, to all who do
      good, so that the bishops and all those kidnapped will be released. We
      do not want any person to be harmed, but rather for peace to spread in
      the entire world.�

      �We are following this issue closely at every level, no matter what the
      circumstances. However, up to now there has been no communication with
      the kidnappers and we have not heard a word from the kidnapping group.
      We are in communication with all international parties. We are following
      the issue and we hope for the best. We shall continue to hope.�

      Regarding the results of his visit to Turkey, Yazigi said, �We are in
      communication with all international parties, as I mentioned previously.
      They have all responded that they do not want harm to come to the
      bishops and that they are making efforts for their return, as we hope.�

      Regarding fears about the Christian presence in Lebanon and Syria and
      emigration and arrangements made to prevent this, Yazigi assured that
      �we have no fear about the Christian presence� No doubt, the
      circumstances that the region is going through are difficult and
      oppressive and cannot be ignored. They make it incumbent on us, children
      of faith and courage, to stand firm in this land where we are present,
      bearing the message into the world without fear.�

      He added, �When we gather together, the Church is present with all her
      children, since the fathers bear the worries of their flock and their
      people. The Synod�s session is in order to study the issues of our
      people, to examine their concerns from every angle: the Church and her
      presence in society, and especially the circumstances in these countries.�

      Yazigi affirmed the importance of the Christian role in the region,
      especially in these troubled circumstances, which are witnessing a trend
      towards sectarianism and extremism, saying, �There must be people or
      voices that call for rationality and moderation, which is what we
      constantly call for� Christianity, Islam, and spiritual leaders have a
      fundamental role in calling for love.�

      Yazigi sent greetings in the name of the Antiochian Church and
      particularly the Holy Synod to the orphaned sons of Aleppo who have lost
      their fathers, metropolitans Yazigi and Ibrahim, who oversaw their
      flocks and sought to bear the pain and suffering of our children,
      relieving the needy by offering them humanitarian assistance.�

      He said, �We as the Antiochian Church provide aid and do quite some work
      on this level, because the suffering of the poor, the homeless, and the
      needy is present in our hearts and we cannot avert our eyes from it�
      Providing aid is a great challenge before us and this matter will be
      studied in order to arrive at the best ways to make it effective.�

      Yesterday Yazigi held prayers for the release of the kidnapped bishops,
      Youhanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi at the hands of armed terrorist
      groups last April outside Aleppo.

      *Source: *Notes on Arab Orthodoxy

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