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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    UN-edited machine translation: [Russian:]  http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/?act=news&id=101368 Thoughts.  Svetlana Vais.  PARTING WITH
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2013
      UN-edited machine translation:
      [Russian:]  http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/?act=news&id=101368

      Thoughts.  Svetlana Vais.  PARTING WITH JONAH.  Metropolitan Jonah was not accepted into the bright future of the Moscow Patriarchate. This was an oral order of the Patriarch

      I sincerely hope that this is my last article about the activities on the field of the Orthodox Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), His Beatitude Jonah. Together with me such hope expressed many Orthodox believers of the New World, was nearly trapped under the broad stole the Moscow Patriarchate, the efforts of the former Primate of the OCA.

      Epic figure of Metropolitan Jonah will remain in the history of American Orthodoxy only her short dash between two dates of the Board: 2009 - 2012 years. And thank God! But as they say, the residue remained.

      Let me remind you that Metropolitan Jonah (born James Paffhauzen), born in 1959, was baptized on the family tradition in the Episcopal church, but converted to Orthodoxy when he was in the age of reason - in 1979. He was born in Chicago, lived and studied in sunny California - The University of San Diego, the University of Santa Cruz, and then the spiritual St Vladimir's Seminary in New York and theological studies in the walls of the bastion of liberal thought - Berkeley.

      In the mid-90s, James Paffhauzen visited Valaam Monastery in Russia, for some reason, has worked in the publishing house "Russian pilgrim" and received the blessing of Archimandrite Pancras, the governor of the monastery, on the veil, which took in 1995, returning to the United States, at St. Tikhon's Monastery in Pennsylvania.

      From his visit to Russia, the future Metropolitan handed down "pryanishnoe 'understanding of Russian life:" Icon - matryoshka - Birch ".And fell in love with this image, deeply, without going into its everyday realities - like all foreign nationals after a short visit. Apparently, it was after this trip to the Moscow Patriarchate, and developed the idea of ​​a future, "Metropolitan Jonah," which would lead to self-OCA autocephaly to the bondage of autonomy. In parallel, the U.S. territory was already absorbing ROCA project under the banner of the Eucharistic associations.

      Today, when the project slip into the bosom of the OCA "Mother Church", with subsequent absorption, has failed on all counts, and Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev) broke up with the dream of a luxurious ski slopes of Colorado, the question arises: who was the real author of the project? Who was behind the choice is simple humble monk of the monastery for six months, a bishop and two weeks in the Metropolitan?

      Try to avoid this topic, asking not to touch, not stir up ... but still interesting to know the specific name of the man who fathered the idea - tempting, but not achievable by definition. Of course, during the life of shame to publish this religious group of diplomats, but someone one day in a fit of inspiration will necessarily write memories. Is not it better to know now? Metropolitan Jonah, retired, and those same people might start next project, for example, in Syria? Although there are no ski slopes.But it is possible to manipulate the critical number of dying Patriarchate of Antioch ...

      At Metropolitan Jonah, for all his intelligence, was a bad character. He quarreled with all the Holy Synod of the OCA was szhivaetsya with light chancellor cover violations impede the commission to investigate these violations. He has thrown out as useless from the realities of the Church of the principle of collegiality and opposed himself to one and all. The Synod sent him to leave - prayerfully consider your destination. He ran away. His force identified the clinic to determine the mental state. Judging by the fact that the office of the OCA is not published on this single document - a medical prescription were mixed, and disclose medical diagnoses prohibited by law.

      Ultimately, Metropolitan Jonah voluntarily wrote a petition for his resignation, which the Holy Synod of the OCA adopted July 7, 2012. In Chisty Lane grunted angrily, but did nothing. And it gave expensive gifts - Panagia with emeralds and diamonds, encrusted staff, the order was given, promises were fed a helping hand ... and not stretched. Just turned away.

      And the help Jonah asked: first, the OCA in the form of material compensation and subsequent maintenance (after secret negotiations with the Synod of Metropolitan requirements have been met), and secondly, the other two Russian Orthodox jurisdictions, as an American who ministers to his flock - the MP and ROCA MP - but both refused. And after the year and a half ago which was jubilation from Naladu "prayerful communion" - that the Synod of ROCOR MP, in the Patriarchal Cathedral on 97th Street in New York City!

      According to the procedure of transfer from one jurisdiction to another hierarchy should write an application with the invitation. Jonah waiting and hoping, somehow, even willfully began to make life in one of the temples of the Church Abroad in Washington. It certainly weighed heavy dual situation - he was the metropolitan status, and it can make the service only with the permission of the bishop of the diocese. Even with the material content infringement pride tolerated with difficulty.
      As the waste material of Metropolitan Jonah in the bright future of the Moscow Patriarchate did not take. On it was an oral order of Patriarch Kirill - leaving the disgraced metropolitan clergy in the OCA. In May, the OCA Synod finally determined the status of the ions as a "Metropolitan at ease."
      Photo: Metropolitan Jonah before and after retirement. 

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