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Ionian Village Adds ‘Repower Greece Day’ to Camping Program

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.goarch.org/news/iv-repower-greece-05292013 Ionian Village Adds ‘Repower Greece Day’ to Camping Program May 29, 2013 NEW YORK – The Archdiocese
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      Ionian Village Adds ‘Repower Greece Day’ to Camping Program

      May 29, 2013

      NEW YORK – The Archdiocese Office of Ionian Village has established a
      cooperative one-day program, “Repower Greece Day at Ionian Village,” an
      event that will encourage Ionian Village participants to closely examine
      their experiences of Greece, cultivate a high level of appreciation of
      their Greek heritage, and to become ambassadors for the country’s image

      Every summer, Ionian Village provides campers with a transformative
      experience of Greece, Hellenism and Orthodoxy through a powerful and
      meaningful travel program. Through close encounters with Greece, her
      people, and the Greek Orthodox faith, Ionian Village has fostered a love
      and appreciation of Greece and Hellenism in its participants for over
      forty years.

      Assisting the Ionian Village team in this visionary program will be
      Repower Greece, a public diplomacy campaign whose mission is to
      challenge negative perceptions of Greece on an international scale,
      replacing them with stories of success and positive experiences in
      efforts to restore Greece’s worldview.

      Ionian Village, together with Repower Greece, will build upon campers’
      transformative experiences of Greece to spark constructive dialogue and
      heighten awareness among participants of their ability to serve as
      ambassadors for the country, spreading the positive message of growth
      and beauty that exemplify Greece.

      “Repower Greece Day at Ionian Village” will infuse aspects of the
      Repower Greece initiative into traditional Ionian Village daily
      activities. Preliminary ideas include visual and tangible projects that
      will creatively allow the participating teenagers to confront their
      individual thoughts and feelings about Greece. Ionian Village Staff
      Members will lead these activities, joined by members of the Repower
      Greece team who will both participate in activities and engage in open
      forum style discussions with campers throughout the day.

      This programmatic addition to the Ionian Village repertoire will allow
      Repower Greece to introduce its worthy initiative to a group of more
      than 350 Greek American young people who will return to America ready to
      help redefine Greece’s image in the world. As well, Ionian Village
      campers will benefit from the challenge to understand and evaluate their
      experiences at an intellectual level.

      Ionian Village is the unique summer camping program of the Archdiocese
      located in Peloponnesos, Greece. In two 20-day sessions each summer,
      Ionian Village campers travel across Greece with their peers to sites of
      religious and cultural importance. Greek Orthodox teenagers who have
      completed grades 8 through 12 are eligible for this experience.

      For more information or to register for the Ionian Village 2013 camping
      season, visit www.ionianvillage.org.

      Repower Greece is coordinated by the Institute for Regional Dialogue &
      Strategy and FORESIGHT Communications in Athens and Repower Greece Inc.,
      a non-profit organization in New York. For more information on Repower
      Greece, visit www.repowergreece.com.
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