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Jordan's march for the release of Syrian bishops

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    [slightly edited machine translation] http://www.sedmitza.ru/text/3714609.html   Jordan s march for the release of abducted in Syria bishops   The initiative
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2013
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      [slightly edited machine translation]
      Jordan's march for the release of abducted in Syria bishops
      The initiative belongs to the demonstration, the Christian communities
      AMMAN. In the capital of Jordan - Amman - May 21 there was a silent march for the release of Syrian bishops who were abducted a month ago.
      Инициатива проведения демонстрации принадлежит христианским общинам. The initiative belongs of the demonstration belongs to  Christian communities.  One of the aims of the march was to unite representatives of different Christian denominations, who acted for the release of bishops, said the Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan Archbishop Maroun Lahham said in an interview w/Fides.
      Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar Assad spoke publicly for the first time about the fate of the abducted in Syria bishops. In an interview with "Clarin", the Argentine newspaper «Clarin» this weekend, he said: "According to our information, at the present time they are near the Syrian-Turkish border. We are closely engaged with this issue in collaboration with the Orthodox patriarchates, in order to free the kidnapped archbishop of the hands of terrorists. "

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