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Bp. Krystof completely cleared of lies and slander

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
     [Xenia Raptsunova, a priest s wife, was Metropolitan Krystof s chief accuser.  Very slightly edited machine translation]  Author:  I.A.  Russkie
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       [Xenia Raptsunova, a priest's wife, was Metropolitan Krystof's chief accuser.  Very slightly edited machine translation]

       Author:  I.A.  "Russkie Novosti"


      Bishop Krystof  [or,Christopher ] completely cleared of lies and slander

      We publish an unofficial translation from the Czech language of the document, confirmed by a lawyer and directed by the Holy Synod of 17/04/2013 accuser and the main witness (Xenia Raptsunova) in the case against His Beatitude, Metropolitan Christopher of the Czech Lands and Slovakia.

      Following this document, Ms. Xenia Raptsunova wrote a second document on 04/22/2013 to the Holy Synod, which once again confirms the content of the first document, and even says that she is seriously threatened by a lot of people and her want to return to her complaint.
       Xenia Raptsunova completely withdrew the lawsuit and asks to forget wrongs and return Bishop Christopher to the throne of Christopher of the Orthodox Church. Священника The Holy Synod has already deprived Priest Eugene Freymann, who (as Xenia Raptsunova writes) filed the complaint, of the right to hold church services.

      Can the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia return Bishop Christopher, who left without any fault of his own, to the position of church leader and get rid of the mischief-makers? Moreover, the Orthodox faithful of the Czech Lands and Slovakia did not remain silent and sent a public appeal in defense of Metropolitan Christopher.  In their appeal the faithful expressed their deep disappointment over the recent events in the Prague diocese and throughout this local Church, and are pinning their hopes on the fact that Bishop Christopher will head the newly Orthodox in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
      The [unofficial Russian translation of the ] text of Xenia Raptunova's letter (17-04-2013) to the Holy Synod follows:  [ND did not translate it.  The letter may be accessed at above link.]

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