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"lies and slander" ???

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Edited machine translation of a letter posted on what appears to be the official (?) website of the Czech Church:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2013
      Edited machine translation of a letter posted on what appears to be the official (?) website of the Czech Church:


      To the Members of the Holy Synod of the Czech Orthodox Church

      "The Russian House" in Marienbad is extremely concerned about the situation in the Czech Orthodox Church. A wave of lies and slander led to the resignation of a highly respected and honorable man - Bishop Christopher from the Metropolitan See. And it may end in schism and ruin for the whole of the Czech Orthodox Church. Certain forces which are hostile to the entire Christian world are now trying to attack people who are laying down their lives for the sake of her good. Bishop Christopher is one of the greatest Orthodox ascetics of the 21st century.Therefore, we believe that the one who tried to besmirch his good name, in fact, brought his dirty hand over the entire Orthodox Church. For in today's harsh world only Christian Orthodox values ​​can counteract  the lies and hypocrisy which are ruining people.
      As a renowned expert in the field of religious I can say with confidence that the false attack on Bishop Christopher was organized not merely by dishonest and unscrupulous people. 
      It was organized by the bitter enemies of Christianity and Orthodoxy. All who took part in this infamous campaign should suffer severe punishment -- they must be expelled from the bosom of the Church. And Bishop Christopher should return to his see and continue his righteous work for the good of the mother-Church [or ? Church which is the mother ?].

      I hope that the Holy Synod will listen to the voice of true believers and prevent a split in the Czech Orthodox Church. Otherwise, Orthodox believers will turn away from the church hierarchy and no longer commemorate them to be in good health.  Think about what you value  more: personal ambition or the love and loyalty of your flock?
       On behalf of the Russian Orthodox compatriots in West Bohemia,
       Sergei Komkov, director of "The Russian House" in Marienbad;  first vice-president of the International Academy for spiritual unity and cooperation among the peoples of the world;  president of the All-Russian Education Foundation; expert on the State Duma of Russia; Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Academician of the International Academy of  Teacher Education sciences; Doctor of Education Science; Doctor of Philosophy; Doctor of Law; Professor; Member of the Moscow Union of Writers; member of the Writers' Union of Russia

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