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ROCOR participates in Project of ROC's Publishing Arm

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://www.russianorthodoxchurch.ws/synod/eng2013/20130422_ensynodyouth.html MOSCOW: April 22, 2013 The Russian Church Abroad Participates in a Project of the
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      MOSCOW: April 22,

      The Russian Church Abroad Participates in
      a Project of the Publishing Arm of the Russian Orthodox Church
      In 2013, the Russian Orthodox
      Church Outside of Russia will participate in the annual charitable project of
      the Publishing Arm of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. As
      part of the celebration of the Days of Orthodox Literature, every diocese of the
      Russian Orthodox Church will be provided with a free copy of the book by the
      Vice President of the Synodal Youth Department of the Russian Orthodox Church
      Outside of Russia, Protopriest Andrei Sommer, entitled Ot Zapada do Vostoka:
      opyt molodyozhnogo sluzheniya v Russkoj Zarubezhnoj Tserkvi [From West to East:
      the Experience of Youth Ministry in the Russian Church Abroad].
      The presentation of this
      publication was organized by the Publishing Arm on November 6, 2012, as part of
      the exhibition “Pravoslavnaya Rus’” [Orthodox Russia].
      “Working with young people is
      a special type of ministry,” says Protopriest Andrei. “Imagine finding yourself
      in a different land, with the language is foreign, the culture is alien to you,
      and the spirit is different. It is the same with young people, they form a
      nation unto themselves, with their own language, their own subculture, their own
      world view.”
      The book includes chapters
      revealing the history of the youth missionary movement from the early 20th
      century to the present day, on five continents, where Russians found themselves
      after the October Revolution, united under the leadership of the Russian Church
      Youth ministry became a
      special project for the bishops of the Russian Church Abroad, who exerted extra
      efforts to help young people preserve the Orthodox faith and their native
      culture. The book offers unique recollections which the author received from
      people who participated in youth circles, high schools, children’s camps,
      scouting organizations and other gatherings of the Russian diaspora.
      The new book is not only an
      excursion into history, but a textbook on methodology, where the reader will
      find abundant material devoted to the various forms and means of youth ministry
      in the Russian diaspora: Orthodox youth groups, the scout movement, summer
      children’s camps, symposia, diocesan and All-Diaspora youth conferences, and
      recommendations on organizing youth projects and events. The author opines that
      the most valuable part of the book is the invaluable experience of youth
      ministry collected over decades which the Church Abroad preserved and hopes to
      share with her compatriots in the Homeland.
      The final section of the book
      is comprised of the writing of young people themselves. These include essays
      written before pilgrimages and international youth forums and after their
      conclusion. Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Moscow, St Petersburg… The culmination of
      many joint meetings of youth from various countries of the Russian diaspora,
      Russia and the former CIS to holy sites was the 12th All-Diaspora Youth
      Conference held in 2011.
      The book contains many
      illustrations which give visual impressions corresponding to the text. These
      historical photographs were collected from personal archives and archives of the
      Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, as well as contemporary photos—a
      chronicle of recent youth ministry events of the now-united Russian Orthodox

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