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KFOR, KPS block Serb monastery after threats

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.b92.net/eng/news/politics-article.php?yyyy=2013&mm=02&dd=08&nav_id=84588 February 8, 2013 | 17:48 KFOR, KPS block Serb monastery after threats
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      February 8, 2013 | 17:48
      KFOR, KPS block Serb monastery after threats
      Source: B92, Beta

      VISOKI DEČANI -- The situation is calm on Friday afternoon in the
      vicinity of the monastery of Visoki Dečani in Kosovo, after "local
      extremists" were prevented to approach it.

      Earlier in the day, the Raška-Prizren Eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox
      Church (SPC) stated that its medieval monastery had been under siege
      since Friday morning.

      KFOR and Kosovo police blocked off the monastery and formed cordons
      around it in order to prevent extremists from approaching on Friday
      morning, reports said earlier in the day.

      In the afternoon, the KPS announced that "no protest took place", and
      that it had acted in time to prevent incidents.

      The protest of the municipal officials and the radical ethnic Albanian
      Self-Determination Movement party ended without incidents around 14:30 CET.

      Father Sava Janjić told B92 earlier that the situation was peaceful but
      tense. He said that the monks had been informed by Italian troops that a
      group of men would try to stage a protest near the monastery.

      “KFOR stopped the group at a checkpoint this morning, the situation is
      peaceful but it is still dangerous because unseen hatred among people is
      incited. Banners they wanted to place in front of the monastery, saying
      ‘This is our monastery, keep your hands off our land’ prove it. The
      Dečani municipal leadership has been leading a unscrupulous media and
      political campaign for days aimed at overturning the decision of the
      Supreme Court to return the land to the monastery,” he said.

      Janjić said that the behavior of the local authorities showed that they
      did not respect their own laws and structure. He believes that the
      campaign is aimed at driving the monks away, which would means that
      there would be no more Serbs left in Dečani.

      Janjić today informed OSCE and EULEX that the monastery and monks could
      not lead a normal life and that the Dečani municipality not only failed
      to respect the laws but was also openly working on ethnical cleansing of
      the territory.

      Visoki Dečani’s prior on Friday morning decided to close the gates of
      the monastery for the first time in 13 years due to threats of the
      Dečani municipality and groups that have been protesting for days
      against the monastery.

      The extremist ethnic Albanian groups announced that they would hold a
      protest in front of the monastery on Friday.

      According to the monastery’s monks, they have been exposed to the “most
      insulting messages and open threats” over a decision of the Kosovo
      Supreme Court to confirm that 23-hectare land belongs to the monastery.

      “We consider such behavior, that is directly contrary to the rule of
      law, an open security threat and we cannot allow that threats be brought
      to vicinity of this holy place which is on the list of the UNESCO World
      Heritage List and which has been attacked four times by those who are
      forcing the campaign today,” the Raška-Prizren Eparchy has released.
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