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Syrian and Coptic Christians Fleeing to Moscow, But Russia Lacks Shelters

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.aina.org/news/20130205165004.htm Syrian and Coptic Christians Fleeing to Moscow, But Russia Lacks Shelters Posted GMT 2-5-2013 22:50:4 Moscow -- A
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      Syrian and Coptic Christians Fleeing to Moscow, But Russia Lacks Shelters
      Posted GMT 2-5-2013 22:50:4

      Moscow -- A flow of refugees from Syria and Egypt is pouring into Moscow
      to escape from wars and violence in their country of origin bringing to
      light the inadequacy of facilities for the reception of immigrants in
      Russia. The complaint has been made by a veteran in migrant assistance,
      the president of the 'Civic Assistance Committee', Svetlana Gannushkina.
      In the past week a family of 10 Coptic Christians, including a child a
      few months old, presented themselves in their office. The family say
      they fled religious persecution from Islamist groups taking place in f
      Marsa Matrouh, near the border with Libya. "They threatened us with
      death if we didn't convert and make our women and girls wear a veil,"
      Reda, 26, who fled with his 19 year old pregnant wife told AsiaNews.
      "After the revolution many activists of the Muslim Brotherhood came -
      added his brother Viktor, 30, - who put pressure on us Christians to
      convert. Our problems started already in late 2011, but are getting
      worse 'Last year, after an argument with the principal of the school who
      wanted to force my daughter to wear the hijab, we were told that the
      presence of Christians in the city was no longer welcome. " "We sought
      shelter with a local priest - he concluded - but his church had already
      been burned once and so he did not want to further expose himself to

      Now all 10 Egyptians, plus Iraqis and Sudanese, are forced to live in a
      room of 20 square meters, with only a few chairs and a table, because
      there is no temporary accommodation center for immigrants waiting to
      receive refugee status in the city.

      "Everyone is waiting for an answer from the Federal Service for
      immigration - Gannushkina , who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace
      Prize several times told AsiaNews, - which must decide on their possible
      transfer to Ochyor, in Perm region, where there is one of only three
      reception centres for refugees in the entire country. "

      The process, however, can last for weeks and the authorities have not
      thought of any temporary accommodation for these people, who do not have
      a place to live. "The problem is much worse for the Copts - said
      Gannushkina - because for them here, unlike Syrians, there is no large
      community or network of countrymen ready to open their homes." "It is
      winter, and in these conditions they are likely to die of exposure - she
      added - so we are forced to accommodate these people in our offices, but
      they are not adequate facilities." The small child Cirillus, who arrived
      with his mother, father and sister also from Marsa Matrouh, is already
      sick and was visited by doctors from Doctors Without Borders.

      Last year 700 people turned for help to 'Civi Assistence', including 80
      Egyptian Copts. The new arrivals are in addition to about 30 Syrians who
      in January of this year already made a request to Moscow for refugee
      status. One hundred Syrians arrived in the last six months of 2012.

      Reception centers for refugees fleeing persecution and war are provided
      in all countries that have signed the UN Convention on Refugees. In
      Russia - denounced the Gannushkina - formally, there are three centers,
      but in fact only one works, that of Ochyor for more than 80 people.
      "This integration does not exist and the sanitary conditions are very
      bad," she added. According to rumors circulating in the press and among
      NGOs, the Immigration Service is considering even closing it down. The
      other two centers are located one in the Tver Region and the other in
      the south of Rostov, but are not working at full capacity. "In a country
      as large as Russia three centers for immigrants is virtually nothing, if
      you think that Poland, which much smaller than us, has 11," added
      Gannushkina, who has always declared that if she ever wins the Nobel she
      will allocate the prize money to building at least another refugee
      centre near Moscow.

      By Nina Achmatova
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