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World Renowned Scholar to Speak @ Conference on Liturgy

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
       http://www.hchc.edu/about/news/news_releases/liturgical_renewal World Renowned Scholar to Speak at Conference on Liturgy at HCHC Regardless of whether one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2013

      World Renowned Scholar to Speak at Conference on Liturgy at HCHC
      Regardless of whether one goes to church frequently or rarely, our
      worship experience especially at the Sunday Divine Liturgy is at the heart of
      our identity as Orthodox Christians. Indeed, for many this is their only
      contact with the Orthodox worship experience. For this reason what takes place
      in liturgy; what is done correctly and what is in the need of renewal, is of
      crucial importance for all of us. With this in mind, as Hellenic College Holy
      Cross celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the founding of Holy Cross,
      an international conference addressing the state of liturgical life in the
      Orthodox Church today will be held March 15 -16, 2013.
      This two-day conference entitled, Orthodox Liturgy: Lessons from the
      Past; Contemporary Trends and Opportunities, will take place on the HCHC
      campus. International scholars in the field of liturgics, many who are
      graduates of Holy Cross, will be speaking about various problems and challenges
      for liturgical life today. An honest look at the present state of affairs in
      the Greek American Orthodox situation will be a special emphasis of the
      The premier expert on the Byzantine rite, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert F. Taft,
      will be giving the keynote address. Fr. Taft is professor emeritus at the
      Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome where he taught for 38 years. He has
      written over 800 publications on Byzantine liturgy and has just finished the
      final volume of a five-volume definitive treatise on the Liturgy of St.
      Chrysostom, which has been his life’s work. His address entitled “Liturgical
      Renewal in Orthodoxy: Reflections, Cautions, Suggestions,” will serve as a rich
      catalyst and matrix for the issues dealt with at this conference.
      The Rev. Dr. Father Alkiviadis Calivas, professor emeritus of liturgics and
      former president of HCHC will also be speaking as well as the Rev. Fr. Stephanos
      Alexopoulos, an expert on the Pre-sanctified Liturgy, from Athens, Greece.
      Sister Vassa Larin, an Orthodox nun who teaches liturgics at the University of
      Vienna, will be addressing the issue of liturgy from the Russian Orthodox point
      of view. We are also honored to have scholars speak about the state of Orthodox
      Liturgy from locations as far off as the Republic of Georgia, Hong Kong, and
      The caliber and variegated background of the scholars attending will greatly
      enrich the program, which aims to celebrate 75 years of faith, education, and
      service at HCHC. Opportunity for interaction with these eminent scholars and
      ample time for questions and answers will be offered. This is important in a
      conference dealing with a subject such as liturgy, which touches the lives of
      all of us. Indeed, as Fr. Taft himself wrote regarding the conference, “If you
      want to have answers, you have to ask the questions.”

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