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Poland's president hosts Orthodox Church leader

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  • BillSamsonoff
    http://www.thenews.pl/1/9/Artykul/123762,Polands-president-hosts-Orthodox-Church-leader Poland s president hosts Orthodox Church leader 10.01.2013 14:23
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      Poland's president hosts Orthodox Church leader
      10.01.2013 14:23
      President Bronislaw Komorowski hosted Sawa, Orthodox Archbishop of Warsaw
      and Metropolitan of All Poland, in a special New Year meeting at the
      presidential palace.

      Addressing the entire Orthodox community in Poland, the president expressed
      his wishes that “both at home and in the church, everything will be at its
      very best.”

      Komorowski referred to Poland's history as a country of many faiths and
      cultures, expressing his hope that Poland “embraces everyone to the heart,
      and not only on festive occasions.”

      He added that “diversity is a beautiful thing, provided that it goes hand
      in hand with the capacity to act for the common good.”

      The president also met other representatives of the Orthodox Church,
      thanking them for their help in co-organising last year's visit of
      Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

      During the August 2012 visit, leaders of Poland's Roman Catholic Church and
      the Russian Orthodox Church signed a joint declaration of mutual
      forgiveness referring to the traumatic history of relations between the two

      "This is proof that by working together... we can achieve a great deal,”
      Komorowski noted.

      Poland's Central Statistical Office (GUS) records that there are over
      500,000 Polish citizens affiliated to the Orthodox rite. (nh)

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