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Investigation: the trafficking of children in the local monastery

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  • Patricia
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2012
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      December 4, 2012, 16:52
      Ecclesiastical Court of the Diocese of Berdyansk UOC investigates the trafficking of children in the local monastery

      Ruling Bishop of the Diocese of Berdyansk Berdyansk UOC Bishop Ephraim and Seaside (Yarinko) convened a diocesan ecclesiastical court in connection with the statement nuns Amvrosievskogo Monastir Tokmak Zaporozhye region trade babies leadership of the monastery, said on December 3 , "Religion in Ukraine" with reference to the site of "Orthodoxy in Ukraine. "

      According to Bishop Ephraim, even before the relevant television program in the "Extraordinary News" ("Nadzvichanі News") channel ICTV pregnant woman and her mother, who was a monastery in the diocese appealed to the request to investigate the situation that prevailed in the convent. Bishop Ephraim advised women to apply to the police. He also assured the women that the incident at the diocesan level, action is taken.

      Bishop Ephraim received episcopal consecration of four months ago, in August 2012, having arrived in the diocese of Transcarpathia. At the same time, the main accused - Archimandrite Nathaniel (Cherniak) - is a local veteran, a member of the Diocesan Council.

      Affected women did not go to the police, but the incident became known to television. Women journalists tracked down and made a story that, in the words of Bishop Ephraim, Archimandrite Nathaniel sees as slander, as he sent a statement to the police. According to the statement on November 8 women called to clarify the situation, after which they gave to the police and their charges.

      Bishop Ephraim stressed that the diocese is interested in objective investigation, which he promised to fully support. But there is not a formal opinion law-enforcement authorities, the charges of involvement in the monastery of human trafficking in the diocese regard as slander. However, Bishop Ephraim said that if the allegations are confirmed, to break the law will be punished, "Now the situation dealt with law enforcement. If it is found that the monastery was indeed the case, the perpetrators must answer the fullest extent of the law."

      According to the victims, they are not the first to suffer from the monastery attendants.
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