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Public evening course on Arvo Pärt

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://oca.org/news/headline-news/st.-vladimirs-seminary-offers-public-evening-course-on-arvo-paert November 22, 2012 St. Vladimir s Seminary offers public
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      November 22, 2012
      St. Vladimir's Seminary offers public evening course on Arvo Pärt

      YONKERS, NY [SVOTS Communications]

      Beginning January 15, 2013, Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological
      Seminary will offer an extension course for the public, "The Music and
      Faith of Arvo Pärt," taught by Dr. Peter C. Bouteneff, associate
      professor of Systematic Theology.

      Arvo Pärt, whose works rank him as the third most performed composer
      globally, is an Orthodox Christian of Estonian nationality, and the
      course will intriguingly combine the study of music with the
      spirituality and dogma of the Orthodox Christian faith.

      "Arvo Pärt draws on his Orthodox Christian roots to compose music that
      seizes people of all faiths and of none," observed Dr. Bouteneff.
      "Through an in-depth study of his music and the sources that directly
      influence it, this course seeks to deepen appreciation of Pärt's oeuvre
      as well as give insight into seminal questions about Orthodox tradition
      and contemporary culture."

      The course is part of the seminary's Arvo Pärt Project, an extensive
      collaboration between the school and the composer that focuses on
      discerning the Orthodox Christian underpinnings of his work. In his
      classroom, Dr. Bouteneff will be drawing on two decades of personal
      study of Pärt's compositions and his recent intimate conversations with
      the composer himself.

      "This 10-week journey will uncover the composer's personal history, his
      musical influences, and his compositions," continued Dr. Bouteneff. "His
      works will be studied in terms of his signature technique of
      /tintinnabuli/, a system that Pärt himself describes in terms of
      "suffering and consolation, sins and their forgiveness, human and divine."

      Arvo Pärt's body of work has resulted in hundreds of CDs, set the mood
      for major motion pictures, and filled concert halls across the globe.
      Even non-religious listeners revere his unique compositions, sensing
      their innate transcendence. Though spiritually rooted in the Orthodox
      Christian tradition, Pärt's creations have a universal reach, as music
      critic Arthur Lubow noted: "His compositions resonate profoundly for the
      unconverted as well as the faithful" (/The New York Times/).

      The one-credit course, formally titled Liturgical Music 360, will meet
      on Tuesday evenings (7:30 p.m.--8:45 p.m.), beginning January 15, 2013,
      and it will run for 10 sessions. Students have the option of taking the
      course for credit ($438) or audit ($219).

      All non-degree students (i.e., individuals not currently enrolled at St.
      Vladimir's) interested in taking the course are asked to contact
      Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak, Director of Admissions and Alumni
      Relations, at jmatusiak@... <mailto:jmatusiak@...> or
      914-961-8313 x328.

      The general public will have the option to register until January 22,
      2013. Currently enrolled students at Saint Vladimir's must follow
      normal seminary procedures and deadlines when registering.

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