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Metropolitan Vladimir to retire af July 27-29 UOC MP Synod

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    [Patriarch Kirill did not attend the recent celebrations of the enthronement of Metropolitan Kirill, but intends to go to Kiev on July 27-28.  UNEDITED
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2012
      [Patriarch Kirill did not attend the recent celebrations of the enthronement of Metropolitan Kirill, but intends to go to Kiev on July 27-28.  UNEDITED MACHINE TRANSLATION BELOW)


      Media Monitoring: After July 27-28 there will be a Synodat which Metropolitan Vladimir UOC MP will retire

      Noisy passions, witnessed by all the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, at first glance subsided and stopped to shake the information space in our society, but it is actually not the case. Now the real campaign is set on changing the Primate of the UOC, but at the moment is with his full consent.

      The last meeting of the Holy Synod, which had passed under the presidency of Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev, has placed some point over the hanging problems in the Church. So, for example, sharply increased the influence of the rector of the Kiev Theological Academy and Seminary, Archbishop Anthony (Pakanicha), which until recently had very difficult relations with the Primate, because of the eternal conflict with Archbishop Alexander (Drabinko). Before the illness of His Beatitude, even rumored that soon sent to Archbishop Anthony of Kiev on one of the chairs of the UOC. But the disease Metropolitan kill them. Rector of the Academy during the prolonged absence of the Primate did not interfere in any synodal cases, which largely contributed to the current entry in the church today, the elite and the nomination for the post of Manager of the UOC, almost ecclesiastical prime minister with broad powers.

      Archbishop Anthony has a great reputation among the episcopate of the UOC, as well as among the scientific elite, he worked hard to KDAiS risen to a high level of theological education and spiritual training has become the leading institution in the Russian Orthodox Church. But like any man lord of the rector has negative characteristics, which can be attributed to the arrogance and pride. Evidence of this can be a long title, which he likes to sign the documents, I think that the Academy students know what is at stake. But that being said, not the point.

      At the moment, the administration of President of Ukraine shall harmonize Archbishop Anthony (Pakanicha) as locum tenens mitropolchego the throne of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Is being very actively working with Patriarch Kirill, who is trying to convince that it is able to lead the rector of UPC and that he was satisfied with both political and ecclesial community of Ukraine. Yes, in fact, we can say that Archbishop Anthony could arrange both Moscow and Kiev, as he had worked in the White-stone, and has established itself on the positive side, but when he realized that in Moscow, he did not shine, he moved to the Ukraine and receiving this bishop, became the faithful companion of the Primate.

      In July 2012 planned celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the primatial ministry of Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine, and this date should open a new chapter in the history of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It is assumed that after the celebrations, scheduled for July 27-28, will be held on the last Synod, chaired by His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kiev, where he will file an application for retirement, at the same Synod will be selected and the extra Locum Tenens UOC. In order not to lose time, the date of the 20th anniversary celebrations to prepare everything for the Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which will elect a new Primate of the UOC of the episcopate. As planning authority, it must choose a Locum Tenens Archbishop Anthony. But the man who had no experience in the administration of the diocese, and only 6 years located in the episcopal dignity, whether the story Tserkony ship in the right direction - remains a question
      for everyone.

      The Church - God is a body established by, and any interference with the powers that its system is in a dire consequences. We remember how the pan Yushchenko together with his brother tried to combine and interfere in internal processes, but the story about them at this point in time has forgotten. And now, when state officials are also trying to influence the affairs of the church and without the understanding to go into the Church, once again will not lead to positive results.

      BLOG "OBSERVER UOC," May 30, 2012
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