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"2012 The Year of the Sacrament of Healing & Caring for the Sick"

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
     [Last Sunday (Circumcision/St. Basil) I happened to mention to the candle-desk lady that in whatever country -- AK, Japan, China -- the Church of Russia
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       [Last Sunday (Circumcision/St. Basil) I happened to mention to the candle-desk lady that in whatever country -- AK, Japan, China -- the Church of Russia established missions, it inevitably founded orphanages, old age homes, etc.  Her reply: "Yes, but our parishes are so small now".  Yes, it was a different time and now governments have largely taken over the orphanages and shelters., And yes, we are small, but I remember that the NY Cathedral sisterhood regularly visited people in nearby institutions.  This is something anyone can do -- not just the priest.

      Later, when kissing the cross I quickly asked the priest whether he was familiar with "The Birth of the Hospital in the Byzantine Empire" (Dr. Timothy Miller, Johns Hopkins U).  He was, but lamented that this course isn't taught anywhere....  Didn't Miller speak somewhere in NYC when his book came out in paperback?  If only regular lectures could be held again.....]

      Romanian Orthodox Church declared "2012 The Year of the
      Sacrament of Healing and Caring for the Sick"

      Source: Sedmitsa.Ru
      BUCHAREST. On January 1, following the Sunday service in Bucharest's cathedral, the Romanian Patriarch officially proclaimed 2012
      the "Year of the Sacrament Healing [Annointing] and caring for the sick," reports the
      official website of the Romanian Patriarchate.
      "Bishops, who understood the gospel of Christ's compassion [mercifulness],
      always exhorted the faithful to help the sick. The Church in Romania,
      founded its first shelters/orphanages in monasteries, the first pharmacies and
      hospitals, in fulfillment of the gospel of Christ's love. Today in our country there are many people who are sick - both spiritually and physically. There is much
      suffering and many need help, both spiritual and corporeal. There are hospitals in our dioceses. In Iasi, there is  a church hospital; it was founded in 2000
      and now has 120 doctors on staff. A diagnostic and treatment center -- with free [no cost] services - will be based near the new church in Bucharest", said Patriarch Daniel of Romania.
      In the previous year the Romanian
      Orthodox Church founded an institue dedicated to the family and the Sacraments of
      Baptism and Marriage.

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