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Mt. Athos website; +Filaret of Minsk supports Fr. Ephraim

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
     Both the article and the informational site of Mt. Athos are in Russian.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2012
       Both the article and the informational site of Mt. Athos are in Russian.

      Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk [Byelorussia]: In the matter of Fr. Ephraim there are no
      conclusive facts and evidence of guilt  
      Holy Mt. Athos informational site

      [Machine translation.] Everything about Mount Athos. Historical descriptions of Mount Athos. Tips on how to organize a trip to Mount Athos, and reports on travel. Pilgrimage to Mount Athos: Athos maps, descriptions of monasteries, trails and tips for independent travelers. Tales of the elders of Mount Athos and the Athonite monks. Translations of manuscripts and Lives of Saints Mount Athos. Photos and paintings of Athos. Teachings, parables and poetry monks of Mount Athos, the elders and the saints. Theological articles. New articles on site

      Our site is on twitter - Top articles in livejournal - Join us on facebook VK in Youtube
      [The above also presents the possibility to sign a petition in defense of Fr. Ephraim.]

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