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Bulgaria's Lincoln-Driving Bishop Resigns after Scandal

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.novinite.com/view_news.php?id=134639 Bulgaria s Lincoln-Driving Bishop Resigns after Scandal Society | December 7, 2011, Wednesday| The Bishop of
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      Bulgaria's Lincoln-Driving Bishop Resigns after Scandal
      Society | December 7, 2011, Wednesday|

      The Bishop of Varna and Veliki Preslav, Kiril, has resigned from his
      post a day after he startled his congregation with a 2012 Lincoln MKZ

      Kiril quit his job late Wednesday, citing "dissatisfaction with the
      management of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church" as the
      reasons for his resignation.

      However, many in Bulgaria have been quick to suggest that Varna Bishop
      Kiril – who is known to have harbored hopes to become Bulgaria's next
      Patriarch after the current head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church,
      Patriarch Maxim – has caused a scandal with his luxury limo, which might
      be the real reason for his resignation.

      Bishop Kiril arrived Tuesday for a service at the St Nikola church in
      the Black Sea city in a brand new "Lincoln MKZ Hybrid" - model 2012. The
      vehicle is not offered on the Bulgarian market and is possibly the first
      such model in the country.

      The car is the first hybrid vehicle of Lincoln. It provides top-notch
      luxury with a real-wood interior and seven safety technologies. In the
      US its starting price is about USD 35 000. It is considered to be the
      most luxurious hybrid vehicle in America.

      Until now the Bishop used a French Peugeot, but says he had to get rid
      of it over high gas consumption.

      "This car has been delivered especially for me, before coming on the
      market. Only the American President uses such model," Kiril bragged,
      pointing out he was not afraid of audits, because the car had not been
      purchases with Church money.

      "Some friends of mine gave me money for it. They bought it. I didn't
      want it but they insisted. It is a hybrid, and a new model. They brought
      it from America. I haven't paid anything, they gave it to me. The
      Bishopric hasn't paid a cent. The Bishopric is paying for the fuel. My
      previous car spent lots of gas – it was a Peugeot," explained Tuesday
      the 57-year-old Kiril, as quoted by BGNES.

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