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Orthodox Christian ghettoization and anti-Serb clampdown in Kosovo

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/headlinenewsd.php?hnewsid=3029 Orthodox Christian ghettoization and anti-Serb clampdown in Kosovo. By Lee Jay Walker,
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      Orthodox Christian ghettoization and anti-Serb clampdown in Kosovo. By
      Lee Jay Walker, Modern Tokyo Times

      If you reside in a parallel universe then welcome to Kosovo, the land of
      Albanianization and Islamization and all in the name of democracy. A
      flick back into history tells us that the Serbs were 98% of the
      population of Kosovo 600 years ago but today the Orthodox Christian
      Serbs are between 6% and 8% depending on various figures.

      Of course, the Kosovo Serbs became a minority because of the ravages of
      the Ottoman Empire, dhimmitude, Islamization, and Albanian support of
      fascism during the German Nazi period. Communism in the old Yugoslavia
      was the final nail in the coffin because Albanian long-term objectives
      became a reality and this applies to immigration and other important
      areas. However, this reality is ignored and instead the dehumanization
      of the Kosovo Serbs goes hand in hand in this parallel universe.

      Irrespective of the rights or wrongs of who is to blame for the Kosovo
      crisis the simple cold reality exists. Let us say that Serbian
      nationalism was to blame based on the Western and Islamic propaganda
      machine. Does a short period of a clampdown allow over 600 years of
      Kosovo Serbian persecution and marginalization to be ignored and thrown

      In truth, it sadly does because this is what happened, therefore, the
      children of the enslavers and supporters of Nazism have been rewarded
      and the “Orthodox Christian lamb” was allowed to be slaughtered by
      Western intervention.

      The ghosts of World War Two and ethnic and religious hatred towards the
      Kosovo Serbs is highlighted in the article titled 21st Waffen-Gebirgs
      Division “Skanderberg” on Wotan’s Children.

      Kosovo Albanian nationalist militias called the “Balli Kombëtar” (or
      “Ballistas”) carried out a campaign of deportation and murder of Serbs
      in 1943 and 1944. Then, on Hitler’s express order, the Germans formed
      the 21st “Waffen-Gebirgs Division der SS” – the Skanderbeg Division. It
      was hoped that Skanderberg Division Albanians could achieve its
      well-known political objective of creating a viable “Greater Albania”
      including Kosovo.”

      "In general, policy was to organize volunteer military units among
      sympathizers in occupied countries. Of all the occupied nations only the
      Serbs, Greeks and Poles refused to form volunteer units. The Germans
      recruited the 9,000 man Skanderbeg division to fight resistance groups
      but the Skanderbeg’s Albanians had little interest in going up against
      soldiers; they mainly wanted to terrorize local Serbs, “Gypsies” and
      Jews. Many of these Kosovo Albanians had seen prior service in the
      Bosnian Muslim and Croatian SS divisions which were notorious for
      slaughtering civilians.”

      “Why such passionate hatred for non-Albanians? A big factor was militant
      Islam. The Fundamentalist “Second League of Prizren” was created in
      September 1943 by Xhafer Deva, a Kosovo Albanian, to work with the
      German authorities. The League proclaimed a jihad (holy war) against
      Christians. They were backed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, El Haj
      Emin Huseini, who had called for getting rid of all Jews in what was at
      that time British-occupied Palestine. Albanian religious intolerance was
      shown by their targeting Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries for

      “In 1945, but the remnants of the Kosovo Albanian fascist groups
      continued fighting the Yugoslav government for six years, with a major
      rebellion from 1945 to 1948 in the Drenica region. That rebellion was
      under the command of Shabhan Paluzha and it is called the Shabhan
      Paluzha rebellion. Sporadic violence continued until 1951. It is
      literally true to say that the last shots of World War II were fired in

      In recent times it wasn’t only the Kosovo Albanians who persecuted the
      Kosovo Serbs because outside Western forces had a grand plan and a huge
      propaganda machine took place under Western support for the terrorist
      Kosovo Liberation Army. The organ scandal tainted leadership of course
      is fine because Hashim Thaci and the Kosovo Albanian clique are friends
      of London and Washington.

      For over a decade in Europe the systematic destruction and abandonment
      of a religious and ethnic minority took place under the watch of the
      international community. Of course, certain photo opportunities take
      place and the resemblance of trying to protect can be seen on the ground
      but in the cold reality of Kosovo the Serbian Orthodox Christians have
      been ghettoized and have either been forced to flee or to face even more

      Orthodox Christians don’t have a rightful place at the table in Europe
      unlike secular, Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim dominated nations.
      Three wars since World War Two in Europe involving Orthodox Christians
      and Muslims in Bosnia, Cyprus, and Kosovo respectively, and each time
      Western powers supported Muslims over Orthodox Christians.

      The Russian Federation which is mainly Orthodox Christian but with a
      sizeable Muslim minority, is also deemed to be a nation to contain,
      therefore, NATO expansion is aimed at containing the most powerful
      mainly Orthodox Christian nation in the world.

      Therefore, the same international community which was robust about
      Kosovo and supporting the mainly Muslim Albanians of this region; is the
      same international community which did zilch about Turkey taking control
      of northern Cyprus. Of course, Orthodox Christian nations are welcome in
      the “European club” and “NATO club” but on conditions that they fall
      into line and agree to join a military pact which is aimed at containing
      and reducing the power of the Russian Federation.

      However, it appears that Western cliques who rule Kosovo and maintain a
      favorable relationship with the organ tainted Albanian leadership desire
      not only ghettoization but the complete humiliation of Kosovo Serbs.
      Therefore, while many areas of Kosovo have witnessed de-Christianization
      of Orthodox Christianity this is fine with the powers that be in London
      and Washington.

      Yet, if the Kosovo Serbs dare to challenge Albanianization,
      Islamization, and de-Christianization of Orthodox Christianity, then
      “the rule of law” and implementing shared themes with the organ tainted
      Albanian leadership comes into place in order to cut the Kosovo Serbs
      down to size.

      Therefore, in this parallel universe where a minority is being squeezed
      even more in order to placate the majority, more anti-Kosovo Serb
      policies are being implemented.

      A fresh operation against Kosovo Serbs will take place in northern
      Kosovo after the death of one policeman during recent demonstrations by
      Kosovo Serbs. Therefore, the usual “rule of law” mantra is being ushered
      but where was the “rule of law” during the organ scandal and ethnic
      pogroms which took place against many vulnerable Kosovo Serb communities
      and other minorities.

      Western morality is that the victims of history who suffered 600 years
      of victimhood at the hands of so many external forces must be taught a
      lesson for trying to defend their land. NATO and other institutions
      which have helped to take Kosovo away from Serbia would have been
      welcomed with open arms by the slave master Turks of the Ottoman Empire
      and the grand designs of Nazi Germany.

      Who said history is dead? After all, Germany and Turkey welcome the
      downsizing of Serbia and both nations are intent on spreading their
      power base in the Balkans in the modern period and only a compliant and
      weakened Serbia will be allowed.


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