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OCANews: Mischief in Moscow, Aporia in Syosset

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://www.ocanews.org/news/MischiefinMoscow8.23.11.html 8.23.11 Mischief in Moscow, Aporia in Syosset   Various Russian websites are reporting that
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      Mischief in Moscow, Aporia in
      Various Russian websites are reporting that Archimandrite Zaccheaus (Wood),
      the former OCA representative to the Moscow Patriarchate who had been officially
      placed on Leave of Absence and recalled to the United States in the wake of
      allegations of misconduct late last month, served the Divine Liturgy at his
      former parish at St. Catherine’s in the Fields last Sunday (August 21).
      According to these websites Fr. Zacchaeus“...reported in his sermon after
      the Liturgy, (that) he celebrated the Liturgy with the blessing of the
      Metropolitan of All America and Canada, Jonah.”
      The unexpected development in Moscow, and the reasons given, prompted some
      overseas Orthodox bloggers to suggest intrigues, from the promotion of the
      “Russian World” to yet another chapter in a “power struggle” within the OCA.
      The sad reality is much less conspiratorial.
      If the Archimandrite’s claims prove to be true (and there is no reason to
      doubt his veracity on something that can be so easily ascertained) his actions
      represent no conspiracies, foreign or domestic, but only the latest situation in
      which Metropolitan Jonah has once again acted unilaterally and secretly, against
      the decisions of his Synod, the counsel of the OCA’s professional and legal
      advisors, ignored the concerns of alleged victims and overturned the established
      policies and procedures of the OCA. In so doing, he has one again put the OCA at
      potential legal risk.
      The Metropolitan’s apparent “about-face” concerning the Archimandrite -- who
      has hired a lawyer, contested the misconduct allegations, threatened lawsuits
      and repeatedly refused instructions of the Metropolitan to return to the United
      States so an official investigation could begin (all the while claiming he was
      indisposed for medical reasons that seem to have required hospitalization
      shortly after he was placed on Leave) -- has left the Synod of Bishops, the
      Metropolitan’s Council’s Legal Affairs Committee, and the Synod’s Sexual
      Misconduct Panel Advisory Committee in what can only be called ”aporia”.
      In Greek philosophy, "aporia" is a seemingly insoluble impasse. The only way
      beyond " aporia" is to make a conscious decision -- to abandon the problem
      altogether, or overcome it by re-examining one's presuppositions.
      The Metropolitan,for his part, choose to abandon the country and leave for an
      eight day trip to Prague today.. The visit to the Church of the Czech and Slovak
      Lands is at the invitation of Metropolitan Christopher of Prague, and includes
      Bishop Benjamin of San Francisco. The Synod, based on past experience, prefers
      another bishop accompany the Metropolitan whenever he is abroad.
      - Mark Stokoe
      (Update 8.24.11: Given Archbishop Dmitri's worsening condition, Metropolitan
      Jonah decided not to leave for Prague as scheduled with Bishop Benjamin and Fr.
      Eric Tosi, OCA Secretary. Rather, he flew to Dallas to visit the ailing
      hierarch, and will now join the OCA delegation on Friday.)

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