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5.2.11 News From Around the OCA

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://ocanews.org/news/SynodMeetsInChicago5.2.11.html 5.2.11 *News From Around the OCA* . The website OCATruth.com reported in an early morning posting on May
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2011


      *News From Around the OCA*

      . The website OCATruth.com reported in an early morning posting on May
      2nd, that Fr. Joseph Fester, former Chancellor of the Diocese of the
      South and Dean of the Metropolitan's St. Nicholas Cathedral in
      Washington DC had been "released" from the OCA. In an article called
      "Spin Goes Round", Jesse Cone, writing under his pseudonym "parishioner"
      stated: /"Stokoe's little stunt here has resulted in the release of Fr.
      Joseph by the OCA - which tells me there's fierce vehemence against the
      man, and that they don't have the evidence to punish him in a spiritual

      That sentence was later removed from the story this afternoon. Then,
      this evening, Cone's entire article was removed. OCANews.org, however,
      has confirmed that parish council members in DC received phone calls
      late last night informing them that Fester had been "relieved of duty",
      rather than "released from the OCA." Sources in Chicago later confirmed
      that decision of the Metropolitan.

      Even later this evening, another article, entitled "Response Redux"
      by the pseudonymous "parishioner" appeared offering the following

      /"As I'm sure most of you know, I have taken my two most recent posts
      down. That is because I recently received some information and some
      legal advice with which I am currently going to comply. It has come to
      my attention that there is an active case with the FBI regarding
      criminally obtained emails which is now in the discovery phase. Anyone
      with information or evidence regarding the emails in question should
      step forward and help out the investigator assigned to the case. If, as
      some claim, these emails have been obtained legally, than they should
      have no worries about coming forward to the FBI./

      /Therefore, at this juncture, I am going scrap anything which I have
      written that can only be known according to these emails, since they can
      be classified as confidential and under the seal of the confessional. I
      ask that we all, out of respect for the sacred bond of trust between a
      priest and his spiritual children, show the same respect./

      /Now back to our regularly scheduled program!"/

      (Editor's note: I will be happy to meet with the FBI in Chicago. If
      "parishioner" is serious, he knows where to send the FBI to meet me at
      the hotel. This meeting will take all of 30 seconds, so I will be glad
      to step out of the MC meeting at anytime. Or, if this is too short of
      notice, have the investigator give you the name of an agent in the
      Dayton office to call me, and I will arrange a meeting with them over my
      lunch break anytime at their Centerville lab. It's only a mile
      away. Anytime. As for "can be classified as confidential and under the
      seal of confessional", last time I looked, I couldn't send in my
      confession by email, nor receive absolution on-line. Is there nothing
      you won't twist to your ends?)

      . The Synod which has been meeting almost non-stop since Monday,
      continued its meetings into this evening in Chicago. This afternoon's
      session saw the Bishops gathering with the members of the Sexual
      Misconduct Policy Advisory Committee (SMPAC) charged with assisting the
      Bishops in creating the Church's response to issues surrounding sexual
      misconduct. The Committeel's original report, which was denounced by
      Metropolitan Jonah at the previous Synod meeting in Santa Fe, was
      re-submitted by the group, at the request of the Synod, with more than
      650 pages of documentation substantiating its previous findings. The
      meeting was attended by Fr. Alexander Garklavs, former OCA Chancellor,
      who was a member of the SMPAC, until his controversial dismissal by
      Metropolitan Jonah in early February, which was subsequently confirmed
      by the Synod in Santa Fe.

      . On Bright Monday, April 25th +Jonah, without the prior agreement of
      the Synod, suddenly announced his resumption of duties as the "locum
      tenens" of the Diocese of the South. On Friday, April 29th, the full
      meaning of this news was made clearer, when OCANews published emails
      indicating a campaign to replace Bishop Mark of Baltimore, the current
      administrator of the Diocese, was underway. Revelation of the moves,
      however, did not stop the Dallas cathedral Parish Council, one of whose
      members writes for OCATruth.com, from presenting Bishop Mark with a
      letter on Friday "demanding" to know his answers to certain questions,
      with a Monday, May 2nd, deadline for his response. +Mark, according to
      witnesses in Chicago, acknowledged receipt of the Parish Council's
      letter, but refused to answer its questions, pointing out that he was in
      Chicago for the consecration of Bishop Matthias, followed immediately by
      the Synod meeting.

      This did not halt the continuing campaign though. Today, on a private
      blog associated with OCATruth, aware that Bishop Mark and the new parish
      priest, Fr. David Moretti, were both temporarily staying at Metropolitan
      Jonah's two-bedroom condo in Dallas wrote: /"....when +Mark returns to
      his apartment, he may find the locks changed and his belongings on a
      heap outside." /OCANews. can now confirm that the Synod has returned
      responsibility for the Diocese to the former "locum tenens", Bishop Nikon.

      . The Metropolitan Council will begin its meetings, together with the
      Lesser Synod, tomorrow through Friday, also in Chicago.

      -Mark Stokoe

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