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Archbishop Demetrios Benediction Democratic Convention

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  • Fr. John-Brian
    One of our members brought this benediction to our attention earlier, this is the first publication of it that I have seen - so I am sending it to our mission
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
      One of our members brought this benediction to our attention earlier, this
      is the first publication of it that I have seen - so I am sending it to our
      mission list as well. - Fr JB+
      For Immediate Release
      August 3, 2004


      New York, NY - His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America offered the
      Benediction at the Democratic National Convention in Boston on Wednesday
      evening, July 28th. Invited to offer the Benediction following the
      nomination of Senator John Edwards as Vice President, His Eminence flew to
      Boston following an evening program of the 37th Biennial Clergy-Laity
      Congress of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America being held in New York
      City and returned to the Congress for Thursday's final Plenary session and
      Grand Banquet. Following is the text of the Prayer:

      "Let us bow our heads to the Lord.

      Heavenly King, Maker of all things and Father of all humanity, we bow our
      heads before you in deepest gratitude for the countless blessings which You
      bestow continually upon our great nation.

      We thank You for the bounties of our land, for the stability of our society,
      and for the diversity of our American people. And above all, we thank You
      for the inestimable gift of freedom and for the glorious ideals of human
      dignity, equality, and justice for all, which have been inspired by Your

      This legacy of liberty, O Lord. Is ours today because of the sacrifice and
      service of the founders of our nation. Bless, O God, their memory with an
      everlasting blessing, and inspire us with an equal measure of dedication to
      the institutions and ideas of democracy.

      Send Your mercies upon this Convention, and upon all the delegates who have
      been gathered here to carry out these noble ideals by selecting candidates
      for the highest offices of our land. Bestow upon your servants, Senator
      John Kerry and Senator John Edwards, strength from above and profound wisdom
      to bear well the awesome responsibilities of their candidacy. Grant them
      keen discernment and brotherly love, so that they may bring honor to our
      democratic institutions, in properly understanding and handling issues of
      vital importance for our society.

      Enlighten your servants, so that they may confirm the precious value of
      liberty. May the work of these candidates and of this Convention advance
      our blessed American legacy far into the future, through works of social
      progress, deeds of righteousness, and acts of justice.

      Establish our land in peace, O Lord. Protect the poor, nourish the hungry,
      strengthen the weak, vindicate the oppressed, support the youth, make firm
      our families, preserve and guard our armed forces who stand in harm's way on
      behalf of us all, heal the wounds of war, and inspire all people with the
      ideals of human freedom and dignity, from sea to shining sea, and throughout
      the whole world.

      And to You be the glory forever. Amen."

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